List of diseases covered by Japanese national health insurance
In the case of surgery, all treatment is a day trip.

Varicose veins of the lower extremities

It is a state where blue dilated veins are clearly visible under the surface of the lower limbs. It is caused by a malfunction of the check valve in the deep vein. At our hospital, the method of injecting a drug that cures the inside of blood vessels (sclerosis therapy) is covered by insurance.

Method of treatment

Inject the hardening agent (liquid) into the target blood vessel (see the figure below). It is also performed in the form of bubbles (foam sclerotherapy).

After treatment, care with a compression bandage and then wear compression stockings for a long time. Since one treatment often causes recurrence, several retreatments are necessary.

Estimated treatment cost

・The cost of one treatment is about 5,400 yen (in case of insurance 30%)

Prominent Ear

Diagnostic criteria: If you are born, have a weak ear (auricle) bend, are cup-shaped, and have ears protruding from the temporal region (more than 30 degrees), and if you have a “standing ear” state, insurance is applicable. Become.

Surgical method

In standing ear surgery, the skin behind the ear is incised, and a mattress suture is used to fold the constriction called antihelix on the inner cartilage.



Estimated treatment cost

・One-side treatment (when 30% of health insurance is borne): JPY 58,000*
・For both sides: double the above
(* Others, pre-operative inspection cost ¥ 4 to 5,000 yen)

Subcutaneous tumor (lipoma, atheroma, etc.)

Diagnostic criteria: When the above subcutaneous tumor is suspected by palpation or image diagnosis.

Surgical method

Generally, the tumor is removed under local anesthesia.

Estimated treatment cost

・Non-exposed part (part hidden by clothes): From ¥39,900 per piece (depending on size, 30% burden)
・Exposed area (forearm, below knees, etc.): From ¥5,000 each
(In addition, pre-operative examination cost of about 4 to 5,000 yen, pathological examination cost of about 3,000 yen, additional fee will be charged if image diagnosis is required)


Diagnostic criteria: The tissue under the areola becomes larger than usual and touches a bulge (swelling) or a mass (hump).
*Infants who are full of fat in the chest are not covered by insurance (in this case, you can use liposuction at your own expense).
Examples of authentic gynecomastia.

Surgical method

A skin incision is made from around the areola (approx. local anesthesia).
The mammary gland tissue under the areola is removed under direct vision.
Suture the areola wound.

Estimated treatment cost

・About JPY 37,000 on both sides (in case of 30% burden)
(In addition, pre-operative examination cost is about 4 to 5,000 yen, pathological examination cost is about 3,000 yen)

Ptosis of upper eyelids

Diagnostic criteria: The case where the eyelids are hard to open and the certain criteria are met is covered by insurance. If the drooping is mild, insurance medical treatment is not applicable.
Example: Moderate or greater ptosis with a value of 2 mm or less, which is MRD-1, indicating the degree of ptosis and levator fold function of 8 mm or more. In general, everyone will feel that there is drooping.

Surgical method

The upper eyelid is incised, and the levator fold muscle aponeurosis is shortened and sutured.

Estimated treatment cost

・One side costs about JPY 22,000 (in case of 30% burden)
(* Others, pre-operative inspection cost ¥ 4 to 5,000 yen)

Inverted nipple

Diagnostic criteria: If you are pregnant, have a baby and are planning to breastfeed in the near future, and you suspect that your breastfeeding will be impaired due to a depressed nipple, women up to 39 years of age are generally covered by insurance.

Surgical method

Depending on the severity of the treatment of the depressed nipple, the treatment method varies, but the scar area where the nipple is hard to come out will be removed and the peripapillary area will be finished with a plastic surgery design.
Photographs before surgery (left) and after surgery (right). After the operation, watch the situation for a while using protective tape.

Estimated treatment cost

・Approximately ¥225 million on one side (30% burden)
(* Others, pre-operative inspection cost ¥ 4 to 5,000 yen)

Armpit odor

Diagnostic criteria: In addition to subjective symptoms, objective judgment is also significant (mostly earwax is moist and soft)

Surgical method

A small incision is added to the side and a flap flap method is used for insurance.

Estimated treatment cost

・Approximately JPY 21,000 on one side (30% burden)
(* Others, pre-operative inspection cost ¥ 4 to 5,000 yen)

Injury (trauma) treatment

Treatment of cuts on the face and body surface.

Acne treatment

Prescription of ointment and antibiotics

Other plastic surgery and some dermatological diseases

Example: potentially malignant skin tumor


Treatment of partial burns up to 2 degrees.
(*Extensive burns, burns involving hands and joints are not handled at this hospital)

In the above, we will handle with social insurance and health insurance. Depending on the disease, whether or not you are covered by insurance depends on the severity of the disease, so we accept prior consultation.

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Dr. Kure