Plastic surgical care for the wounds

Non-cutting Double Eyelids for Asians

Non-cutting Upper Eyelid – blepharoplasty for non-Asians


Fat Injection/Liposculpture

Breast, Face, and other procedures

Gynecological plastic surgery (Labiaplasty)

Reconstructive, Scar revision


Minimally Invasive Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgical care for the wounds

Plastic surgical wound repair is available for most local surface wounds, e.g., minor lacerations, cuts, dog bites, minor burns, etc. We think the initial wound care by a plastic surgeon is important. In general it is more difficult to revise the imperfectly healed wounds than the doing right job at the first time. If you happen to have one of those wounds, it is desirable to treat within first 8 hours (before bacterial overgrowth). Although we do not take the Japanese national insurance, our fee for the plastic closure of the wounds are reasonable and any foreign insurance reimbursement form will be filled out. Our doctors are both U.S. trained and board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

From ¥50,000 (+ tax).

Non-cutting Double Eyelids for Asians

Asian double-eyelids

New York, NY – An improved non-incisional technique to create double eyelids in Asian patients is reported in the year 2000 issue of Aesthetic Surgery Journal (ASJ), the peer-reviewed publication of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS).

Double-eyelid surgery is the most popular cosmetic surgical procedure in Japan. Whereas most surgeons in the United States perform cutting-type double eyelid surgery, Japanese women prefer non-incisional techniques. According to the authors of a study appearing in ASJ, current non-incisional techniques for creating double eyelids are either technically complex or do not produce lasting results.

Result of DST double-eyelids technique
(from top: “before”,
“immediately after”,
and “1 week later”)

Doctors in Japan and the USA describe an improved procedure that uses double sutures and twists (called DST technique) to create double eyelids in Asian patients. They say the non-incisional procedure is “simple, durable, and virtually scar free.” As described in the article, the method uses only two sutures on each upper eyelid, with the durability explained by the areas of ties and the central twists that result in more secure and therefore longer-lasting results.

The authors performed 1108 cases using the DST method during the past ten years, with no loss of double eyelid line after follow-up periods ranging from one month to seven years (with a mean follow-up time of 32 months). The average operative time ranged from 20 minutes (one side) to 60 minutes (bilateral). Most patients did not require sedation, and the surgeries were performed with only local anesthesia. Complications were minor and rare.

¥65,000 (+ tax) per site for DST method (both sides – ¥130,000 (+ tax).

*The simple “Smart method” (non-DST) cost ¥40,000 (+ tax) for one eye.

Non-cutting Upper Eyelid – blepharoplasty for non-Asians

Our doctor performed the same techniques used for creating Asian double eyelids as above for non-Asians including sagging upper eyelids of Caucasians. If your upper eyelid sagging is not severe and if you want to avoid any downtime, this DST non-cutting upper eyelid procedure works very well for all races.

double eyelid_1double eyelid_2

double eyelid_3double eyelid_4




We specialize in “tumescent” liposuction using minimally invasive “microcanula”system.

Liposuction has been performed for more than 20 years and has proved to be a safe and effective procedure for most patients.

Depending on the amount of fat tissue removed, a same-day procedure or overnight stay may be chosen. For the same-day liposuction, it is done under a combination of local anesthesia and oral sedation while general anesthesia is used for large areas of liposuction.

Our director (Dr. Kure) has performed many cases of liposuction in the U.S. and Japan for last 18 years. He is specialized not only in micro-liposuction but also in mega-liposuction. From ¥300,000 (+ tax).

The down time is minimal with most cases of liposuction, ranging from a few days to one week or so. The procedure is done as Same-Day surgery.

*Comparison to power-assisted liposuction (Vaser, Ultrasonic, Electronic, etc): Micro-liposuction using tumescent technique is least invasive to the surrounding tissue. Many doctors in the US used to use Vaser and other types of power-assisted lipo, but many of them stopped using those devices due to higher number of serious complications such as internal burns, seroma, nerve damage, and tissue necrosis. Most of such complications are heat-related from the power-assisted machines. We feel gentle manual tumescent micro-lipo is the safest technique although it is labor intensive and takes longer hours to complete.

Special Offer

> 15% off for Liposuction when more than 2 areas treated.

Please mention this special offer when you make an appointment!

 For more “before and after” pictures, please click here (photo gallery)

and , also for more information on liposuction in Tokyo and tummy tuck surgery.


Fat Injection/Liposculpture

There are a few different ways to treat depressions in upper eyelids. The simplest and most effective way is to inject your own fat into the tissue under the skin of the upper lid. This is called “lipoinjection.” The fat is harvested from the donor site (wherever you want), then injected into the upper lid depression. Approximately 60-70% of the fat will be naturally absorbed in a year, but the remainder will usually last for a long time (unlike other injectables such as Restylane).

Similarly, fat can be injected to correct smile lines (Nasolabial lines), Chin augmentation, Cheek augmentation, Marionette lines, and so forth. We prefer to use patients’ own (autologous) fat in micro-particle form to correct these problems. The fat tissue is usually harvested from a tiny hole in the patients’ umbilicus (lower abdomen) using a small syringe. The whole process is done under local anesthesia at an outpatient setting without any pain. The harvested fat is carefully processed into smaller particles, then injected to the target areas using a small 1 cc syringe. There is no incision involved. The recovery is quick and most patients go back to work next day. There is minimal swelling and almost no down time.

From ¥300,000 (+ tax)

eyelid depression corrected by fat injection
[Correction of upper lid depression with fat]

chin augmentation
Chin augmentation by fat injection


Other Procedures:

Breast augmentation is done using either saline filled bags or silicone bags to your desired layers (below or above the muscles). It can be approached through the nipples or the underarm areas. It is usually done under general anesthesia in an outpatient surgery center. Various sizes of bags are available (we use only American products). From ¥600,000 (+ tax) for both sides.

breast augmentationbreast implants

 For more breast “before-after” photos, click here

Breast lift (Mastopexy) raises the sagging breasts by removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissue.

The breast volume can be diminished due to various reasons including pregnancy/breastfeeding, weight loss, aging, or sometimes genetically, and results in “sagging” appearance.

The sagging breasts have grading system.

The minimal or grade 1 breast ptosis show only mild sagging and this can be sometimes corrected by simple breast augmentation only. For the people with more severe sagging such as grade 2-3 or if a grade 1 patient is not interested in augmentation, then breast lift (mastopexy) procedure is considered.

If there is mild sagging or in case of true ptosis, periareolar (around the areolar) incision and remodeling techniques alone may be satisfactory. But, in case of severe sagging or pseudoptosis (predominantly sagging of breast gland) require combination of periareolar and inferior breast incisions.

Breast lift surgery does not significantly change the size of your breasts or round out the upper part of your breast.

From ¥600,000 (+ tax) for both sides.

breast liftbreast lift
Left: “before” Right: “after breast lift” * from ASPS artwork

Reduction of nipple and/or areola, plastic surgery for retracted/inverted nipple

Plastic surgery for nipple and areola areas can be done under local or twilight anesthesia. Fee ranges from 90,000 yen (nipple reduction: fee varies depending on the degree of nipple reduction). Areolar reduction: from 200,000 yen. Repair of inverted nipple: from 300,000 yen. Please ask for more details by e-mail.

Whitening (depigmention treatment) Nipple/Areolar area and other pigmented areas can be treated with combined use of whitening medication and special chemical peel. Whitening cream alone often does not improve the condition, so we recommend special chemical peeling in most cases. From 10,000 yen. Please ask more in detail. You may e-mail your inquiry to prior to a formal consultation.

Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery) is done in many different ways including hump removal, reshaping of the entire nose using either cartilage graft or silastic implants. It is usually done under twilight anesthesia in an outpatient surgery center.

nasal hump removal

 For more Nose “before-after” photos, click here

Facelift can be minimally invasive “mini-lift” or extensive full brow and neck dissecting type facelift. While mini-lift and limited facelift are done in outpatient setting, the full facelift is done in an affiliated hospital under general anesthesia. Please ask for more details.


 For more facelift “before-after” photos, click here

eyelid surgeryEyelid surgery includes upper and lower blepharoplasty (removing the redundant sagging skin), eye bags (lower lid), Eye lift (lateral), and fat graft to sunken eyes.

All eyelid surgeries are done under local anesthesia (same day procedures).

Gynecological plastic surgery

Labiaplasty and vaginal rejuvenation:

For the former, we use special methods to minimize the scar and color mismatch including the UCLA method in which natural thin edge is obtained even for a large thick tissue.
From 190,000 yen (labial size reduction).

Piercing to the labia and/or clitoral hood are also available under sterile condition using local anesthesia (first stud – 15,000 yen, then from second 10,000 yen per stud including the anesthesia fee).

For the vaginal procedure, we refer to an affiliated US Board-Certified OB-GYN surgeon in Tokyo. For more detailed information, please e-mail to us.

Nipple/Areolar area and other pigmented areas can be treated with combined use of whitening medication and special chemical peel. Whitening cream alone often does not improve the condition, so we recommend special chemical peeling in most cases. From 10,000 yen.

For Other Procedures and more information regarding breast augmentation, breast lift,breast implants, Male breast reduction (Gynecomastia), repair of ear deformity,removal of skin lesions, Scar revision, Labiaplasty, Gynecological plastic surgery, etc., please ask the doctor at the consultation or by e-mail.

We cannot show all the facial pictures of our patients here due to consent issue, but those will be available at the time of consultation at the office.

Ear reconstruction

Ear reconstruction for prominent ear
Ear reconstruction for prominent ear

* Also, torn earlobe from ear-piercing can be fixed surgically. Please inquire for more information.

Scar Revision, Tummy tuck, and Reconstructive procedures

scar revision with tummy tuck

scar revision with tummy tuck
Scar revision for the old vertical abdominal wounds. Tummy tuck method was used to remove the scar and thin down the abdominal fat.

Large scar revision as shown above from ¥300,000 (+ tax) (the minimal scar revision costs from ¥50,000 (+ tax)).

We also offer reconstructive plastic procedures for a variety of conditions. Please ask for more in detail.

Mole removal is done using either surgical methods for large one or laser for small one (from ¥5,000 (+ tax) for small one and up). Skin tags are treated in similar fashion. Broken veins and Spider veins are removed by laser (from ¥20,000 (+ tax) ~). Other skin lesions such as lesions derived from sun damaged skin can be treat as well.

Buttock augmentation by fat tissue graft (from ¥900,000 (+ tax))

 Click here for the example of Buttock augmentation using fat tissue graft

 Nipple Reconstruction (click here) (from ¥210,000)

Ear piercing, Body piercing available.

We use U.S. made piercing that is made of Titanium. It is least allergic to skin. Ear Piercing is from ¥4,500 (+ tax) (one). Body piercing can be done using local anesthesia without any discomfort to any body areas you wish (from 15,000 yen (+ tax) including the local anesthesia fee. From second body piercing -10,000 yen/stud)). Piercing is done by medical doctors only.

Second Opinion Consultation

  • Unhappy results from treatment/surgery elsewhere?

  • Provide pictures from before/after the procedures.

  • Bring operative reports if available.

  • You may e-mail your inquiry to prior to a formal consultation.

  • Our U.S. Board-Certified plastic surgeon will review and analyze your case, and give you a professional advice.

Dr. Kure