Special Offer!

No.1: The 20th anniversary Special for Laser Hair Removal:


  • Overall lowest price ever (price down)
  • In addition, 50% off of listed price (one-time offer)
  • Up to two areas (e.g. underarm and bikini)
  • Special promotion limited to new patients only
  • By appointment only
  • Must present or refer to this coupon at the time of reservation

Special offer for Ultherapy (HIFU):


  • 20% off of listed price (one-time offer)
  • First time treatment only (existing patients too)
  • Face lifting, neck, body etc. Face starts from 50,000 yen plus tax.
  • By appointment only
  • Must present or refer to this coupon at the time of reservation

One week guarantee for Botox treatment for frown lines, forehead, and crow’s feet.

*If you are not fully satisfied with the results of the above treatment and require an addtional treatment, it is free for charge.

No.2: Special offer for surgical procedure (limited time):

All offer must be applied by the end of April 30, 2020.

  • Liposuction of abdomen or thighs. Abdomen (upper or lower abdomen of slight -moderate fat deposit). Thighs (inner, outer, or front part of the thigh with slight – moderate fat deposit). Offer: 250,000 yen including local anesthesia* (plus tax).
  • Rhinoplasty (nasal hump or alar reduction). Nasal hump (small hump that does not require infaracture of the nasal bone. Mild to moderate alar flaring.)
    Offer: 200,000 yen including local anesthesia (plus tax).

*If you desire to have general anesthesia – an additional fee will apply.
*For more details, please visit Special Offer Page.

Please inquire by e-mail or call 03-5475-2345

(This special offer may end without further notice)

*The Laser Hair Removal in our facility is done by female medical staff.

The laser machine is medical grade and our clinic is U.S. board-certified.

Dr. Kure