Same day surgery with local anesthesia

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Happy new year! We look forward to working with you this year as well.

At our clinic, we perform many surgical procedures on a day trip. In most cases, local anesthesia is used, so you can safely walk home alone without any attendance.

This category of procedures includes scar repair, scalp, ear plasty including standing ears, nose and facial surgery (including double eyelids, mini face lift), liposuction of face and neck, and removal of skin lesions ( (Face and various things), nipple, areola formation, breast lift, armpit, abdominal liposuction, gynecological formation, tattoo removal, gynecomastia, thigh, lower limb liposuction, eyelid ptosis, various trauma ,And so on.

On the other hand, if you wish to have general anesthesia due to extensive liposuction, you can do it as a day trip if you are accompanied.

In addition, large-scale breast augmentation surgery, breast augmentation bag and capsule removal, breast reduction surgery, and Tammy Tuck are performed under general anesthesia after being admitted to a university hospital. In 2021, many patients underwent various treatments in this way.

About complications

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Complications can always occur in the treatment of plastic surgery, whether surgical or non-surgical.

As for laser equipment used in the field of aesthetic medicine, new models rooted in new technology are appearing every few years, partly due to the influence of rapid technological progress. For example, a tattoo that has been put into the body has been treated with a new model of pico laser in recent years. If the patient’s skin condition matches the characteristics of the device, I think it will bring great results. On the other hand, it may not work, in which case these new models can produce high energy, which can lead to the ugly consequences of large scars on the treated area, such as reddish-brown hypertrophic scars. Some patients who come to our hospital have recently received such treatment at another medical institution and have fallen into such a merger certificate and are sometimes asked to do something about it.

In addition, in the case of double eyelid surgery that does not cut, a very thick synthetic thread is exposed on the conjunctival surface, causing inflammation. I have encountered many cases where the problem was complicated by re-surgery, leaving the thread behind.

In addition, we sometimes see cases where an unlicensed subcutaneous injection is placed on the face, leaving lumps and bumps permanently in the face.

Returning to the description at the beginning, there are always potential complications in medical practice. In English, this is called Pros and Cons, and there is a system that explains to the patient before the procedure and then treats it.

If you are receiving treatment such as aesthetic medicine or plastic surgery at one of the medical institutions and are suffering from some complications, please feel free to contact us as we are also consulting.

Prominent Ear

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Standing ears (Prominent Ear: Is the shape of the ears strange?)

For those who think that the shape of their ears is strange by nature, we have a lecture. Among them, the state in which the ears are raised forward is called “Prominent ear” in clinical medicine. Many Japanese people don’t seem to care if their ears are a little raised, but in Europe and the United States, they are often the target of bullying, and they are often treated by surgery at an early age.

Even in Japan, if your ears are highly raised, you are covered by insurance, and in this case, you generally need to be at least 30 ° above your skull. These treatments are handled by plastic surgeons and are delicate operations that require detailed preoperative design and ingenuity in surgical procedures.

Surgery is a one-day operation with local anesthesia, in which the cartilage of the ear is modified to make near-normal creases, and sometimes the entire ear is bent toward the skull. Detailed counseling with a specialist is important, as one fixed method may not work.

About double eyelids (especially non-cutting method)

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We have performed many cases of double eyelids that are non-cutting. As a feature, it uses a very fine special thread (same as that used for heart surgery) to fix one or three points to the firm structure called tarsal plate. This method is also generally called the buried suture method, but in our method, it is a “complete buried suture method”, and the thread is not exposed on the inner side of the conjunctiva of the eyelid.

The director of this clinic has a total of more than 1500 cases since he was in practice in the United States, and has used this method for various races other than Japanese. From our experience, this method is especially recommended for the younger generation who seek for double eyelids. This is because the incision method cannot be redone. With our three-point fixed burial method, less than 10% of cases will lose double lines in the future, which is about the same as the incision method.

We also use our method to treat eyelid slack in older patients, which can be corrected very effectively. The same method is used for Caucasian people, and it often results in a ntural finish than Asian people.

We also perform incision-based eyelid surgery, but unless there is a compelling reason to do so (very strong sagging, too much fat, ptosis, etc.), the non-incision method is used. And, we think it’s a good way.


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Mesotherapy is a therapy that was used in European countries such as France and Spain in the olden days, and it is a method of reducing the fat that is of concern to the body by injection. However, the injection ingredients used were various, and some of them were secret ingredients, so there were some parts that could not be said to be a widely verified medical practice.

In recent years, as a result of re-verification in the United States, it is becoming recognized that two main components are effective. One of its constituents is a substance called phosphatidylcholine (PTC), and the other is deoxycoric acid (DCA). These ingredients are substances originally contained in human bile. PTC is mainly used to treat accumulated fat in various parts of the body, and DCA is FDA-approved under the trade name Kybella in the United States and is mainly used to treat areas such as the lower jaw and neck. ..

Many PTCs are made from soybeans and are contraindicated for people with soybean allergies. It is also often a little painful. Kybella in the United States has less pain associated with treatment, but the visible effects are not immediate and may require 4 to 6 treatments.

Liposuction revisited (tumescent)

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There are various types of slimming techniques, but it is liposuction that makes it easy to predict the results and can expect large changes with a smaller number of times. It is hard to say what is the current method because there have been various historical changes in liposuction, but we use the American method called “Tumescent”.

This method was developed by Dr. Klein of California nearly 40 years ago. By injecting a highly diluted local anesthetic solution into adipose tissue with a fine injection needle, it is safe with extremely small bleeding volume. It was an epoch-making idea that liposuction could be performed effectively and safely. We’ve been doing liposuction this way for over 25 years, including when we lived in the United States, and it’s safe enough that we’ve rarely experienced any complications in the past. Another feature is that in many cases it can be done with only local anesthesia.

Today as well, using this method, liposuction of the lower body of a foreign patient was performed only with local anesthesia. Unlike general anesthesia, you can get up and walk home immediately after the procedure. This method can be used to treat any area where local fat is accumulated, for example, it can be applied to almost all body parts such as the chin, upper arm, face, abdomen, buttocks, and lower limbs. Since it is under local anesthesia, it is not possible to perform extensive liposuction, but since it is treated little by little, downtime is short and work can be done without much rest. Of course, it is also possible to perform a wide range of liposuction with general anesthesia.

Hyaluronic acid injection and risk of blindness

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Hyaluronic acid is a substance that is naturally present in our skin and other tissues, and it is commercialized so that it can be injected and used as a medicine. It’s a very effective way to increase the volume of nasolabial folds, marionette lines or cheeks and lips.

However, on the other hand, great care must be taken when injecting into the part called the T zone, that is, between the eyebrows and the base of the nose. This part is characterized in part by the running of blood vessels, which are especially prone to blockage of blood vessels that go to the center of the forehead, sometimes progressing from embolism to tissue necrosis. In rare cases, it may regurgitate into the blood vessels in the orbit and clog the artery of the eyeball. It has also been reported that vision and vision are impaired and sometimes blindness.

To prevent these serious complications, there are precautions such as not pushing the syringe hard and not piercing the tissue deeply, but caution and experience may be important.

For the above reasons, when injecting hyaluronic acid near the T zone, we give careful consent to the effects on eyesight and visual field with informed consent before performing the procedure carefully.

What is the relationship between the 2021 Nobel Prize (medicine) and migraine, and what is Botox?

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You may not know the story of the Nobel Prize because it does not appear in the media so much, but the 2021 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine discovered an ion channel receptor that feels spicy (capsaicin). It was given to Professor Julius David of the University of California, San Francisco.

The previously unknown receptor for spiciness (capsaicin) is called TRPV1, and it was also found that if it is too irritating, it feels “painful”. This TRPV1 is also present in the trigeminal neuralgia model for pain, and it is thought that botulinum toxin preparations such as Botox suppress the reaction on the blood vessels and the surface membranes of the brain.

Furthermore, TRPV1 may be involved in the transmission of signals to the ganglia of the brain (thalamus) and spinal cord via receptors that detect changes in pressure, which are also suppressed by Clostridium botulinum toxin preparations. It has been suggested that it can be blocked by Botox.

We feel that the mechanism of Botox for migraine, which was not well understood until now, is being elucidated.

Breast augmentation at an university hospital

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Today, the director of our hospital performed breast augmentation surgery at a university hospital. It is an operation performed in the hospital under general anesthesia. The reason for doing it at a university hospital was to use a large implant of 300cc or more and to approach under the pectoralis major muscle. Smaller implants and submammary approaches may be possible with outpatient day surgery.

The benefits of performing these surgeries at a university hospital include using a large endoscopic device or multiple cases when large-scale chest muscle detachment is required or when adhesions that are difficult to detach are found in the space under the muscle. The wisdom of plastic surgeons is to help you work more safely and accurately. In fact, in today’s surgery, it was not easy to get under the pectoralis major muscle.

Today’s surgery was performed by a team of four specialists, including the director of our hospital, who is a part-time lecturer at the university, and an associate professor class. The work was carried out in collaboration with anesthesiology specialists and a skilled nursing team. Another benefit of performing surgery at a university hospital is that it can be performed with such team medical care. It enables safer, more efficient and more accurate procedures.

In addition to various breast surgeries, the director of this hospital also performs face lift, nasal plastic surgery and body work at the university hospital.

Partial liposuction with local anesthesia

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At our clinic, we use a method called “partial” liposuction. This is a method of treating only the lower abdomen with a small amount of local anesthesia for patients who are concerned about abdominal fat. This way you can safely go on a day trip without much pain. The following areas, such as the upper abdomen and flanks, can be treated on a day trip at intervals of 2-3 weeks or more.

The essential liposuction technique is to use a diluted anesthetic solution called Tumecent, which was developed in the United States, and then use a thin suction machine called a microcannula made in the United States to perform liposuction. By doing this, you can expect a quick recovery with less damage to the tissue. Our American board-certified plastic surgeons have a proven track record of doing many liposuctions in this way over the past 20 years.

Botox at Plaza Plastic Surgery: 1 week warranty with a highly experienced US specialist.

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Our doctor is an US board-certified plastic surgeons who has treated many people of all races for over 20 years. In addition, our clinic offers a one-week warranty, and for the treatment of wrinkles on the forehead, glabellar (frown lines), and crow’s feet (outer corners of the eyes), additional treatment after one week is free.

In addition, for Botox treatment of parts other than the above, it is also applied to jaw like muscles (thinning, improvement of clenching), stiff shoulders, migraine, hyperhidrosis (armpit, limbs).

Medical Laser Hair Removal: Why do you need two types of lasers, YAG and Diode?

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There are various types of hair removal lasers, but at our clinic, we have a model called Quattro and a model called Desire from Luminous Inc., which have received the oen of the highest evaluation overseas, and we treat with both YAG and Diode lasers.

The YAG laser is a laser with a wavelength range of 1060 nm, while the diode has a wavelength of 805 nm. Diodes perform very effective hair removal on Caucasian and Asian skin types. Yags work deeper into the skin than diodes. This means, for example, that it also reaches the part of the hair stem cells called the bulge area. In addition, YAG LASER can effectively remove hair by minimizing damage to the skin even when the skin is dark.

This means that with both yag and diode lasers, medical laser hair removal for all skin types of patients can be done safely and effectively.

State of art laser hair machine has arrived

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Introducing the Luminous Quattro from Lummenis, inc. is the latest hair removal laser approved by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan. It is equipped with both an 805nm diode and a 1060nm YAG laser. Therefore, it is compatible with almost all skin types.

We have been using the Lumines Lightshheer laser for many years, but after that we introduced the more advanced Lumines Desire, and now we are introducing the latest model Quattro. In this way, we have introduced the best laser equipment in the world standard, but on the contrary, we have lowered the treatment price of laser hair removal.

Please take this opportunity to try the world’s best laser hair removal equipment.

Breast lift under local anesthesia

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Breast sagging can be natural, but it can also occur after breastfeeding. Usually, these drooping breasts are operated on both sides at the same time under general anesthesia, but there are cases where people do not want to receive general anesthesia or want to perform under local anesthesia for other reasons.

In our clinic, the treatment of drooping breast can be done under local anesthesia. In that case, due to the limited amount of anesthetic, surgery is performed on each side. Since it is a one-day surgery, you can go home immediately after the surgery.

Surgery for a ptosic (sagging) breast involves removing the skin around the areola, as well as removing the lower part of skin and adipose tissue, depending on the degree of ptosis. In some cases, liposuction is also used (in breasts with high fat content).

Diagnosis and treatment of gynecomastia at our clinic:

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In addition to the physical examination including palpation, we also perform MRI examinations at a third-party institution for patients who come to our clinic complaining of symptoms such as gynecomastia. Palpation alone may not tell whether gynecomastia-like breast ridges are due to a subareolar mass, a fibrous component, or fat buildup. An MRI scan will tell you these things fairly accurately and can be diagnosed by an independent radiologist.

If the MRI results show true gynecomastia, treatment is possible within the scope of the Japanese national insurance coverage. Conversely, if a diagnosis of pseudogynecomastia is made due to findings such as a large amount of adipose tissue, adipose tissue aspiration is indicated instead of resection, which is a free practice (no insurance coverage).

Next, even if the tumor is removed by subareolar incision in insurance medical treatment, at our clinic, by removing the surrounding adipose tissue to some extent at the same time, a steep step with the excised part of the tumor is eliminated, and more complete hemostasis is performed. We believe that we can get the better results this way. This method is also commonly done in the United States.

At our clinic, in cases where surgical treatment is performed under the diagnosis of gynecomastia, the excised tissue is submitted to an external pathological examination, and the pathological diagnosis report is given to the patient.

Diagnosis and treatment of gynecomastia requires a scientific approach tailored to each individual patient, and our clinic diagnoses and treats with the above protocol.

Facelift at hospital setting

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The director of our clinic sometimes operates at university hospitals. The other day, face lift surgery was performed under general anesthesia, and he participated in it. Surgery at a university hospital has a team medical system, and 3-4 plastic surgeons perform the surgery as a team. Surgery that takes about 4 hours to perform alone can be safely and effectively performed in 2 to 3 hours, and good results can be expected from the viewpoint of anesthesia management.

There are various surgical methods for face lift, but under general anesthesia, you can also pull the fascial tissue called deep SMAS. The director of this clinic can perform face lift even under local anesthesia, in which case one-day surgery is also possible, but it is rather a mini lift.

In this way, at our hospital, it is possible to operate the face lift in the hospital or outpatient department according to the needs of the patient.

Surgery at the university hospital

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A few weeks ago, we performed a major surgery at a university hospital where the director is an adjunct assistant professor. This case was done by removing the capsule and replacing the breast augmentation bag, especially in cases where encapsulation occurred in past breast augmentation surgery and was accompanied by severe contracture of the third degree.

Removing the thick capsules from past breast augmentation surgery can be a daunting task. To remove the capsule cleanly, it is necessary to carefully peel off the capsule while repeating delicate removal and hemostasis by a plastic surgeon.

These surgeries were performed with the participation of four specialists on the day of the operation with a team medical system in place. The breast augmentation bag could be replaced with a large one over 400cc, and the patients were very satisfied.

For complicated cases as above, we perform surgeries in the university hospital.

Prominent Ear

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Prominent Ear (standing ear) is not just standing ears, but also have weak or no bends like the streaks that should be in the middle of ear, and even when the entire ear is far away from the skull. , There are various cases. Therefore, it is necessary to select an accurate diagnosis and the most suitable treatment method for each case. Our doctors have been involved in many standing ear treatments for over 20 years and can meet those needs.

In addition, even if you have been treated at another hospital in the past, but it has recurred or did not go well, we will respond flexibly.

The procedure is often covered by the national health insurance.

For further details, please visit this page.

Special discount campaign for Ultherapy

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Special discount campaign for Ultherapy, which is a powerful HIFU device made in the United States, is continuing due to its popularity.

For further details, please visit this page.

Selected as a liposuction specialist

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Our doctor was selected and introduced in the medical magazine “Plastic Surgery” (Katsuseido) as one of 16 plastic surgery surgeons nationwide. See below for details.

A Happy New Year

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Our office will open from January 4 (from 9:30 am).

Holiday schedule

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This year our office will be open until Saturday, 26th. For the New Year, it will be open from January 4th. Email inquiries and reservations are possible even during the year-end and New Year holidays.

Types of mesotherapy

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There are two types of typical mesotherapy (lipolytic injection) agents, one is Phosphatidyylcholine (PC for short), which has been known for a long time, and the other is deoxycholic acid, whose efficacy has been attracting attention in recent years. The latter comes with a salt form (Sodium Deoxycholate: DC for short) and also known for the ingredient for the famous Kybella.

At our clinic, we prepare both of the above medicines and recommend the optimal treatment method while analyzing the state of fat accumulation in each patient.

Mesotherapy is now available.

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Mesotherapy is a injection of fat-dissolving medicine into the areas of unwanted fat deposits such as stomach, thighs, and under-chin. It has been done for many decades in Europe and more recently in the U.S.

For further details, please visit this site.

Currently 50% off special promotion is offered.

Removing the breast implants and the capsular contracture

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The other day, we performed the removal surgery of the breast augmentation bag and the capsules for a patient who complained of pain in the neck and upper arm due to the encapsulation of the breast augmentation bag that the patient had in the past. This type of operation required careful removal of the capsules around the bag, so the operation was performed under general anesthesia after the patient was admitted to a university hospital.

Breast augmentation bags that were placed in the past can cause progressive encapsulation of the area (called capsular contracture), causing pain and chest deformity, as well as sometimes lymphoma. Please refer to this page for more details.

If you are considering removing the breast augmentation bag, please feel free to contact “Plaza Plastic Surgery”, which has 18 years of experience in the United States.

Mesotherapy – Fat Dissolving Injection

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Mesotherapy is a cosmetic surgery procedure in which the use of chemical substances and plants (phytochemicals) are injected into the subcutaneous layer of the skin. This substance is injected at very small doses, so as not to cause any major negative side effects. The aim of the procedure is to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in order to eliminate skin wrinkles, bags, sun-spots, sagging and stretch marks.

Mesotherapy is a less invasive procedure than Liposuction. However, both of these procedures are highly effective. Liposuction, in contrast, does not require an incision because the skin is removed through incisions, but this procedure is risky because of the amount of fluid and the depth of the incision. With Mesotherapy, the injection of substances and herbs into the fat under the skin causes it to break down and then be removed from the body by the lymphatic system.

Liposuction is the first surgical procedure for removal of fat. This procedure may be performed on the entire body or on specific areas of the body. It is generally more invasive than Mesotherapy, as it requires the use of general anesthesia. It is also not covered by any insurance plan. In fact, a large percentage of patients seeking treatment for cellulite will undergo Liposuction as well.

Mesotherapy is generally considered safer than Liposuction, although there are some risks associated with the use of chemicals in this procedure. There are several risk factors associated with Mesotherapy:

Mesotherapy can be a little painful for some patients, although patients experience no pain during the procedure. During a mesotherapy session, the doctor will inject substances directly into the body to target the fat that is present under the skin. The process of injecting the substances into the body allows them to be absorbed by the body quickly and efficiently. However, patients should always consult with their doctors before having any type of procedure done.

Minor side effects are rare but can include itching, bruising, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, redness and burning after a Mesotheraphycal injection. A few patients may also experience a change in bowel habits, but these should improve after a couple of days and usually clear up within a week. In more serious cases, patients may suffer from severe side effects.

Because it targets fat, Mesotherapy can sometimes cause damage to other tissues. The damage to the tissue could be permanent. The most common complication to mesotherapy is the formation of scar tissue.

Although Mesotherapy is a relatively new treatment, it has many serious complications that can be quite serious. The main complication associated with Mesotherapy is the risk of infection. This can occur when the skin around the incision becomes inflamed and irritated, making it difficult to heal.

Before surgery can begin, the surgeon will need to take a look at your medical history. This information will help the doctor determine if you are a good candidate for surgery. mesotherapy.

Patients who are obese, have high cholesterol, have diabetes, heart disease, or other health conditions should not have surgery. Mesotherapy can also not be recommended for patients who have a history of cancer. and should not be used in patients who are pregnant. or lactating.

Mesotherapy can also be performed on patients who are suffering from a form of skin cancer, though it is not usually recommended for patients who are pregnant or lactating. There is a chance that some forms of Mesotherapy might be harmful to the unborn baby. If you are a smoker, there is a chance that you could develop lung cancer or an irregular heartbeat during your Mesotherapy sessions. If you have an underlying disease, such as diabetes, kidney disease or heart disease, you should avoid mesotherapy. You should also avoid mesotherapy if you smoke.

Mesotherapy is not recommended for patients who are not seeking to reduce cellulite, because it can not effectively treat the cellulite for cosmetic purposes. In general, mesotherapy should be avoided for people who are looking for fast results. Mesotherapy can also not be used to remove excessive fat from one area of the body.

Japanese insurance

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We have started to accept the Japanese health insurance for some cases. Please refer to this page for further information.

Medicines by email order

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If you are an existing patient of our clinic and had previously medication(s) from us, please send us an email, then we will ship the medicine to your home.

*List of medication available by email order:

– Retin-A or Tretinoin cream (0.05% or 0.1%)
– Obagi ZO series (Cleanser, Toner, Melamin, Melamix and Sunscreen)
– Teamine undereye cream
– Others (please specify what you want)

*There will be 500 yen online evaluation fee and 500 yen handling charge.
*The medicine will be delivered by a home delivery service and the shipping fee is C.O.D.

*Please send us an email to order the medicines.

Business Hours (May 2020, revised)

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While the state of emergency was announced by the authority in Tokyo area, Plaza Clinic continues to offer medical services to our patients.

We will exercise special precaution against Covid-19 by maintaining strict clean environment (use of alcohol spray, mask, etc) and having enough distance in each patient’s interval for the appointment time.

Our office is open on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 9:30 am. There may be earlier closing time on certain days, so please call or email us for availability.

Home delivery service is available if you are existing patient using Obagi ZO series, Retin A (tretinoin), whitening cream, etc.

Thank you.

Special Offer

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Special Offer for Liposuction and Rhinoplasty

All offer must be applied by the end of April 30, 2020.

Liposuction of abdomen or thighs

*Qualified person: who is able to have the procedure under local anesthesia*.

– Abdomen (upper or lower abdomen of slight -moderate fat deposit).
– Thighs (inner, outer, or front part of the thigh with slight – moderate fat deposit).

Offer: 250,000 yen including local anesthesia* (plus tax)

*If you desire to have general anesthesia – an additional fee will apply.

Rhinoplasty (nasal hump or alar reduction)

– Nasal hump (small hump that does not require infaracture of the nasal bone. Mild to moderate alar flaring.)

Offer: 200,000 yen including local anesthesia (plus tax)

*If you desire to have general anesthesia – an additional fee will apply.

Please inquire by e-mail or call 03-5475-2345

(This special offer may end without further notice)

Minimally invasive breast augmentation

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If a patient who wants breast augmentation with insertion of a breast augmentation bag under the mammary gland, in some cases a special solution is called hydro-dissection to create a space for the solution in advance at the part where the insertion is needed. After that, there is a way to further expand the space and then insert the implant (breast augmentation bag).

With this method, if successful, the operation can be completed with minimal bleeding and tissue damage, and it is possible to return to normal work the a few days.

Not all patients have indications, so please contact us for more information.

original reference paper for non-cutting double eyelids

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We posted the original paper – an issue of Aesthetic Surgery Journal (ASJ), the peer-reviewed publication of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS).
*If you are interested in reading this article, please click
→this link for the original paper.

New, Lower price for medical laser hair removal

admin : Laser hair removal

We have a new machine, called YAG laser for the medical laser hair removal from the famous Lumenis Inc. This laser machine is especially safe and effective for people with dark skin type.

We also lowered the price for the medical laser hair removal at our clinic. All the areas are significantly more reasonable than ever before.

For medical grade laser hair removal,
please visit our website section for more details.

List of medical presentation

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We added the list of medical presentation at the meetings:

Please click here for the list of our doctor’s medical presentation


Prominent Ear

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In Europe and the United States, the state of “protruding ear (standing ears)” is sometimes teased at school and is medically called “Prominent ear deformity”. In the case of ears like the so-called Mickey Mouse, surgery corrects them from behind the ears using a mattress suture.

If this is not enough to fix it, we will make additional cuts in the anterior cartilage. If your ears protrude significantly outside, further wrap the ears with a thread over the mastoid (back of ear skull bone).

The surgery itself can be done under local anesthesia, but it is more common for the children to be hospitalized and performed under general anesthesia.

Non-cutting double eyelid procedure

admin : Double Asian Eyelid Surgery, Eyelid

The original paper was published in New York back in 2001, and this technique is now applied also for sagging upper eyelids of all races including Caucasian. If you are interested in reading this article, please click
→this link for the original paper.

Different kind of cosmetic surgeon in Japan

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In the United States, most doctors working at aesthetic clinics are plastic surgeons or dermatologists. In facilities dealing with cosmetic surgery, there are always plastic surgeons. In the United States, it is common practice for cosmetic surgeons to be further targeted by plastic surgeons with further training, and it is common sense that cosmetic surgeons are also plastic surgeons.

In Japan, however, there are cases where a considerable number of “beauty surgeons” are advocating without undergoing plastic surgery training in Japan. In some cases, they rarely experience surgical training and are suddenly advertised as cosmetic surgeons. This is the case even if the clinic is large.

This is something you can’t think of in the US. There are other differences between Japan and the United States, but I would like to talk about this at another time.

HIFU treatment

admin : Facelift, laser devices

HIFU is a method of applying high density ultrasonic energy to a certain depth from the skin by focusing method and giving high heat and cavitation effect by pinpoint treatment, and it has been used for the treatment of tumors of organs such as prostate, pancreas, liver, etc.

In the field of cosmetic medicine, many HIFU devices including Ulthera in the United States have appeared in the past 10 years. With regard to the effects, it is known to give good results in cases where there is objectively apparent slight sagging or sagging from the chin to the neck.

However, for those who do not have such objective sagging, using equipment that delivers such high energy to tissues may cause fat tissue loss in the future. In the worst case, fat may be lost from the face, making it a rather old-lokking face.

HIFU is a very effective device if it does not go wrong with the indication, but here the expert diagnosis technology is required.

Common sense in the United States and Japan (with regard to specialists)

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In the United States, most doctors working in cosmetic clinics are plastic or dermatologists. There is always a plastic surgery specialist in a facility dealing with cosmetic surgery. In the United States, cosmetic surgery is generally advocated by plastic surgery specialists as additional training is continued, and it is common knowledge that cosmetic surgeons are also plastic surgery specialists (i.e. “board-certified in plastic surgery”).

However, in Japan, there have been cases where a considerable number of “cosmetic surgeons” have advocated training in plastic surgery without having a real plastic surgery training. Sometimes, they have little experience in surgical training and are suddenly promoted as cosmetic surgeons. Even if the scale of the clinic is large, there are such cases.

These things are unthinkable in the United States. There are other differences between Japan and the United States, but I would like to say another opportunity.

Double Asian Eyelid Surgery

admin : Double Asian Eyelid Surgery

Double Asian Eyelid Surgery Patients who do not have any intraocular lens (aphakic) are at higher risk for angle closure, also. It’s typical for a patient to have bruising for a couple days following the surgery. Commonly patients over twenty five also want a strip of skin to be eliminated. If you don’t find a patient with similar aesthetic problems, don’t hesitate to ask the physician for additional photos. The doctor which I went to is a favorite Asian plastic surgeon in Australia. The physician will also prescribe an antibiotic to avoid infection. The physician can attempt to reduce the IOP medically, too.

During your first consultation, your plastic surgeon will supply you with a thorough eyelid surgery risk profile. He passes the wand over the area to be treated. Your plastic surgeon gives you thorough instructions regarding your personal recovery approach. Ultimately you are going to see that the surgery was performed in accordance with your expectations and the outcome will be pleasing. An eyelid surgery could endure for anywhere between 1 to 3 hours, based on factors like the quantity of repair that should be done and the particular technique used. Double eyelid surgery, such as other kinds of eyelid surgery, is a comparatively straight-forward procedure.

There aren’t any sutures to remove. The last suture will be eliminated about 6 or 7 days following the surgery, based on the technique used. With the transconjunctival method, the incision is created in addition to the eyelid in the little part of skin immediately beneath the lashes. The capacity to deliver shorter, well hidden incisions provide considerable advantages to patients. A different approach involves making a very small incision where a pure crease might seem to remove a little quantity of fat and muscle, thereby making the crease. My creases are excessively high and appear unnatual. The new eyelid crease will produce an illusion that the eyelid is totally open, more youthful and more harmonious with the remainder of the facial capabilities.

While there are numerous origins to eyelid ptosis, the most frequent is the beginning of old age. Also called an Asian Blepharoplasty, double eyelid surgery was made to enhance the eyelid appearance by developing a natural-looking double eyelid. Laser iridotomy was initially utilised to deal with angle closures in 1956. It cannot be performed if the cornea is edematous or opacified, nor if the angle is completely closed. For instance, the recovery from a traditional, fully ablative CO2 laser is all about seven to ten days. Also ask the surgeon if you’re able to observe an album of before and after pictures of earlier patients to acquire a notion of her or his aesthetic strategy.

No 2 noses are the exact same, therefore there’s zero reason to take care of its cosmetic transformation as such. In reality, each eye might have a different price tag. Often it’s barely visible to other folks observing the eyes, but may be quite annoying to the patient. The eyes may also seem somewhat asymmetrical. When it regards the eyes of several Asian patients, bulky, fatty eyelids are a standard complaint. Surplus skin might also be removed and muscles tightened. Only in some specific instances is it essential to remove lower eyelid skin.

There isn’t any reason to devote another day looking tired, sad, angry or simply plain old when you’re able to take the next step and produce an appointment to obtain an expert consultation with Dr. Yeilding. You might be told to clean your face several times each day to help remove dead skin cells and the build-up of ointments. Based on the amount of the procedure, time in surgery might be up to three hours. There’s required recovery time of about a mean of a single week before you may delight in the outcomes of your newly defined eyes. No under-eye sagging The decrease eyelid surgery is effective in taking away the baggy areas below your eye. Therefore, the follow-up care for laser iridotomy comprises the use of topical corticosteroids.

Specialized surgical techniques must make visible modifications to the crease whilst keeping a pure appearance which also maintains the patient’s individual and cultural identity. The other facets of the procedure are identical to typical blepharoplasty methods. Individuals of Asian and Eskimo ancestry seem to be at greater chance of developing it. Most patients with glaucoma don’t have angle closure glaucoma, but instead have an open angle glaucoma, a kind of glaucoma where the angle of the eye is open. Vast majority of the candidates for an eyelid surgery are over age 35 decades. Achieving an attractive aesthetic outcome that’s natural and youthful is among the most difficult tasks in plastic surgery. Whether you’re a superior candidate for suture technique or incision technique is dependent on your anatomy.

Plastic Cosmetic Surgery in Japan

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Breast lift performed under local anesthesia

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If the breast is hanging down, it can be corrected in various ways. In the case of mild sag, it is common practice to place breast implants (silicon bags).

However, not everyone is interested in breast augmentation, and there are many who want to lift only while keeping the size of the breast intact.

In such a case, the lift can be performed simply by removing the skin of the breast. Although this method has a T-shaped scar left, it can be effectively lifted upward. Also, in most cases, it can be done as a day surgery under local anesthesia.


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The word “diversity” is less familiar in Japan, but in foreign countries it is often used as follows. There are various implications of this diversity, and it is used in various aspects such as values, happiness feeling, thought process, processing methods when encountering difficulty, races and languages, etc.

If you have experience of long-term overseas life, you can understand the meaning of this word well, and if you can feel that each type of happiness is different and that each one is different in value, you might be more relieved.

If you live in a country like Japan and belong to a small organization, you tend to seek similar values and thoughts, and even one mistake, or a slight misalignment could be felt as a problem.

In our hospital, many patients are foreign nationals, come from various countries. Each person has a different sense of values. Satisfaction with the result of treatment, degree of expectation is a little bit wide. Despite such difficulties, we are taking care of diversity while enjoying it.


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Recently I encountered an article when reading our member magazine of plastic surgery specialist in the USA. “What I hate” was chosen as many of American specialists. Imagine what it is? The result is that a considerable number of people chose the word “SEO”.

Although I think that there are many people who know SEO, Search Engine Optimization is the operation of raising the ranking in the search engine of the website by paying the person (company) who is generally familiar with the operation of the computer in general . Apart from methodology, those who are particularly in cosmetic medicine are constantly exposed to the wave of SEO’s competition, which seems to be stressed.

To become a plastic surgeon it is said that after graduating from the university medical department graduate, it will finally become a single person after undergoing specialist medical education for nearly 10 years. There is also a great competition to enter the plastic surgeon’s course. However, in a real world, the number of patients will be affected by how the SEO is effective, often not necessarily related with their qualifications and skills. It is a troubling problem.


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In our office, there are many foreign patients, some of whom need privacy protection especially.

If you believe that protection of your own privacy is particularly necessary among patients, please consult our staff in advance by e-mail etc.

We will adjust the schedule and space, and we will be able to meet your request as much as possible.

In consideration of your privacy not only for consultation but also for treatment, we will do our best efforts to protect yoru privacy.

Rough skin lesions of the face and “white spots” under the eyes

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It is a light brown color that appears on the surface of the face, a little raised – this is a benign skin lesion, often called seborrheic keratosis. It is seen mainly in middle-aged and elderly people. In the case of several to many, there may be several dozens.

In addition, small white spots may be seen on the skin surface under the eyes. This is called Milium (Milia in several) and the tube of eccrine sweat gland is clogged and sebum accumulates in it.

These lesions are also commonly treated in the United States in general by “radio waves”. It is similar to laser treatment, but it is less invasive and can be expected to recover quickly.

Neck wart treatment with raiowave device

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Many of the small brown dots and protrusions that can be formed in the neck are those called soft fibroma, acrochordon, skin tug, or seborrheic keratosis, Most of them are not infectious. Although it may be exacerbated by the stimulation of a necklace or clothing, most of what is seen after the middle age is due to the aging phenomenon of the skin.

Treatment at our hospital eradicates such skin lesions using equipment called radio- waves commonly used in the United States. Radiowaves are less noticeable than the other methods of remediation, and recovery is prompt. Since we remove local lesions after local anesthesia, there is no pain.

Treatment expenses are from 5,000 yen plus tax, but discount system is available when there are many pieces.

About “slack of upper eyelids” and “double eyelid operation without cutting”

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We see that there are more people advanced with sagging of the upper eyelids with age. There are various ways to improve the slack of the upper eyelids. Ultimately it may be necessary to remove extra skin and make it clearer. However, there are problems with the recovery period, so in many cases, people who choose methods that do not rely on cutting surgery are increasing. There is also lifting by laser, but we will write about double eyelids that will not cut today, sagging by our original DST method.

The DST method is a method of fixing three points using two special buried threads used for blood vessel suturing and the like. It has a strong anchoring force and is suitable for lifting up a drooping eyelid. Design for lift-up and treat with local anesthesia. Details of treatment are on the double eyelid’s page of this homepage, but since it is not an incision method, swelling is small and you can feel lift-up effect promptly. This method has no age restriction and can be used by people in their 80s and also for Caucasian patients with advanced sagging.

Botox and wrinkles (No. 2)

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“the treatment to erase wrinkles with Botox”

Our clinic is in a small town in Tokyo but with many foreigners here in the town of Hiroo. As mentioned in this homepage, Botox is currently widely used for treatment other than wrinkle, such as slimmer of muscle of jawline, hyperhidrosis of armpits and limbs, migraine, and the like. In our clinic, in particular, there are many patients who use Botox for treating headaches.

Today we will talk about Botox treatment example for wrinkles. The unit used here is discussed based on Botox of Allergan Inc.

Frown lines: wrinkles between the eyebrows are types of vertical wrinkles (also called 11 o’clock signs) that can only be made when expressing difficult expressions, or types that always exist irrespective of facial expressions. In the former case, Botox often works, the effect usually appears within one week after treatment and the effect lasts for 4-5 months. Botox works at the site of the nerve endings, making the muscles paralyzed by not transmitting mediators between the muscle junction and making it less likely to wrinkle.

The target muscle is the muscles running parallel to the eyebrows called the corrugator muscle and the muscles running up and down at the base of the nose called the procerus muscle. Normally 4-6 places slightly above the eyebrows, 1 injection at the root of the nose (to the procerus muscle). The dose is 15 – 20 units. Furthermore, when injecting, the outside of the eyebrow shall be shallow and the inside will be treated deeply. Even if you do not make a difficult expression, if there is always vertical wrinkles between the eyebrows, injected materials such as hyaluronic acid may be better (though extreme caution is required for hyaluronic acid injection at this site). Avoid lying down for about 4 hours after injection, avoiding swimming and other exercise, the effect will appear after 4-5 days. It is said that the peak of the effect appears after two weeks, but we check the result after one week and if necessary, carries out additional touch-up injections for free (the guarantee system one week later ). The cost will be 30,000 yen plus tax when only eyebrows wrinkles.

Wrinkle of the forehead: The transverse wrinkle of the forehead can be made when looking upward, and this is due to the frontalis muscle which is one of the expression muscles, the muscles running above and below the forehead, 90 degrees to the wrinkle lines. Wrinkling of the forehead may also always exist regardless of facial expressions, or it can only be seen when making facial expressions. Botox will be a good application in the latter case, and we will inject a total of 15-20 units to the eight forelocks of the forehead.

The point to pay particular attention to in terms of the procedure is that it is often better not to treat the sideways of the forehead at the part near the outside of the eyebrows. If Botox is effective in this part, the eyebrows will drop. Another problem is that when you open the eyes, sometimes you use forehead muscles (forehead muscles) for some people. If Botox treatment is given to the forehead of this type, eyelids become difficult to open. In order to prevent such problems, block the action of the frontal muscle by putting your fingers above the eyebrows in advance and check how much the patient uses the frontalis muscle to open the eyelids. When the frontalis muscle is heavily involved, avoid botox injection in the lower part of the forehead.

By the way, even with the same botulinum toxin preparation, products made in Europe are more likely to diffuse and seem to be prone to the problems described above. Treatment expenses are 30,000 yen plus tax in case of forehead only, but if you join the frown lines or the crows feet, somewhat cheaper on 50,000 yen in two of these parts. The effect is longer than the eyebrows and often lasts more than 5 months. Like the eyebrows, there is a guarantee system one week later. Another thing to note when injecting Botox on your forehead is that you can change the shape of the eyebrows in the way of injection. This method is also used when you want to fist up the crawl outside the eyebrows. This method is also suitable for patients whose eyelid slack is progressing.

Wrinkles in the corner of the eyes (crows feet) can be made fan-shaped from the outer corner of the eyes when laughing with eyes, there are types that can be upward from the outer corner of the eye, downwards, and upwards and downwards. Also, like wrinkles in other parts, there are deep wrinkles that are made even when you are not smiling with your eyes, and not so obvious types of wrinkles when not laughing. The type that Botox shows effective is the latter type. If you have deep wrinkles even when you are not laughing, hyaluronic acid may be injected into that wrinkle.

The treatment amount depends on the number of wrinkles, but it is about 18-25 units on the left and right. The addition of one more thing in the treatment of Botox to the wrinkle part of the corner of the eye can change the shape of the eyebrows. Sometimes it is possible to lift the outside of the eyebrows slightly upwards by Botox injection to the oculi anterior muscle beneath the outside of the eyebrows (it is not a method that everyone can do).

Wrinkles in the upper lip: Longitudinal wrinkles occurring in the upper lip are common in women over the age of 60, but this is caused by the action of the orbicularis muscles surrounding the mouth. This phenomenon is not seen much in men because there is a beard in this part.

When treating, have the patient pucker the mouth, especially marking the vertical wrinkle which occurs strongly with a pen, then inject 10 to 15 units into 4-5 places. Being careful with Botox’s injection to the lips, when the balance between the left and right collapses, the shape of the lips may change or it may be difficult to pronounce correctly.

Injection to other facial sites: Botox is also used for treating temporomandibular disorder by thinning the face line by injection into the muscle of jawline on the face. In addition, Botox’s injection may show a remarkable effect in the uneven surface like the oranges that can be made to the chin. On the other hand, Botox has no effect on the nasolabial lines or Marionette lines (wrinkles extending obliquely downward from the outside of the mouth). Hyaluronic acid injection is recommended for these sites.

“Side effects and failure cases in Botox wrinkle treatment”
Side effects: Although side effects related to Botox treatment are extremely rare, as a example, the eyelid becomes difficult to open (eyelid ptosis is seen less frequently than 1%. It is a complication especially seen in treatment to the frown lines. Even if this condition happens, it will return to its original state naturally in about 3-6 weeks. However, once this condition has occurred, there is a tendency for the situation to become the same again. The next time to be seen is in the treatment section, but the shape of the eyebrows may change or drop down when treating the forehead.

Those who are taking fish oil, DHA, EPA, aspirin or a pain killer tend to have a bruising tendency. In addition to the above, it is not recommended to egg allergy, those who have suffered facial paralysis in the past, those who are pregnant, breastfeeding, those who are planning to become pregnant within the next 3 months. Botox is also used for the treatment of migraine, but as a very rare complication, it may cause a headache to a healthy person. Also, when you have a cold, you may not be able to treat because your condition may get worse when you do not have physical fitness. Even those who are taking some antibiotics are considered to be cautioned.

Failure cases: Extreme failure example does not occur easily, but as we have mentioned, treatment of facial wrinkles using Botox has been used to paralyze muscle groups called facial muscles to make it more attractive. It is a treatment that expects a good effect, so it would be difficult to produce results that you expect to not understand facial muscles and nerve anatomy well. In the United States, Botox’s treatment is usually performed only by a doctor who has received proper training from a plastic surgeon or a dermatologist.

Tummy tuck combined with other procedures

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Surgery called Tummy tuck is a surgery to correct sagging of the abdominal skin and subcutaneous tissue, which is associated with extreme weight loss from postpartum and obesity. Because it is a relatively large-scale operation, it is a treatment to be done after hospitalized.

At the same time as the tummy tuck, there are occasionally those who wish to perform liposuction surgery in the abdomen or correct the drooping of the breasts. However, we do not recommend doing two or more such operations together (compound surgery). The reason is that the risk of complications increases significantly.

It has been reported in the United States that necrosis of the tissues of the abdominal wall is likely to occur when Tummy tuck and liposuction are performed at the same time. In addition, when Tummy tuck and breast surgery are performed together, the operation time also becomes longer, the rate of causing deep vein thrombosis increases, water accumulates subcutaneously also in the site of tummy tuck (seroma), the healing of wounds said to be poor.

If you wish to do some of these surgeries, we recommend that you consider the next operation after a period of recovery from each surgery for safety.

Liposuction of abdomen

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Our clinic director has carried out liposuction of many patients in the United States and Japan for many years. Although liposuction is already recognized such an effective treatment in the United States as an established cosmetic medical technology, but there are reports of serious complications such as fat embolism, abdominal perforation and death besides a mild complication such as unevenness of the skin surface. We do not have experience of such serious complications in our practice, but unfortunately there was report of such a case in Japan very recently.

We have repeatedly explained how to make a safe and effective liposuction for many years by invited lectures and papers at academic meetings, but unfortunately there are many self-proclaiming “cosmetic surgeons” in Japan who are not board-certified in plastic surgery, it can be said that in some cases it may be an extremely dangerous procedure.

First of all, careful counseling is essential for liposuction. Depending on the types of the supplement or prescription medicines, it may become easy to bleed, and it may be impossible to carry out safe liposuction unless these medicine are stopped ahead. Also, in preoperative examinations, especially in the case of abdominal liposuction, it is necessary to determine whether there is an umbilical hernia or scar of past abdominal surgery. Small umbilical hernias may be difficult to find even with a specialist. In our hospital, we are trying not to make a hole around the umbilicus in such a case to improve safety.

Next, during the treatment, it is a technical problem, but in case of a right-handed doctor, how to use the left hand becomes important. It is necessary to perform the treatment while checking with the left hand where the tip of the liposuction tool called cannula is heading.

Finally, close all the holes used for suction and fix it under compression. Also, in case of day surgery, after surgery, we request an escorting person to be accompanied to see the patient’s conditions until next day. If that is impossible, you will be hospitalized at a university hospital and do the procedure there.

By observing the above guidelines, liposuction can be safe and effective even if it is a stomach operation. I think that the expenses are never higher compared with slimming surgery using laser or ultrasound.

Wrinkles and Botox

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Many people know that botulinum toxin preparations (such as Botox injection) are used to treat wrinkles. In the United States, it is widely used for treatments other than wrinkles, but I think that it is mainly used in the eyebrows, foreheads, crow’s feet, and hyperhidrosis of armpits in Japan.

Botox had been used in Japan and the US against the state where the eyebands are twitching more than before but in the United States it gets used for various facial expression wrinkles in the upper half of the face and then jaw muscle (slendering the face), temporomandibular disorder, hyperhidrosis (side arm and limb), and so on.

Details of Botox’s side effects and mechanism of action are described in detail on our website, but serious side effects are rare and representative ones include injection in wrinkles between the brows, it is found below 0.5% that eyelids are difficult to open (ptosis of the eyelids). Also, we can not treat pregnant, nursing or those planning to get pregnant.

Many patients are receiving this treatment because the treatment of wrinkles that can be easily done with a clinic easily and the price is relatively affordable (from 30,000 yen). In our clinic, patients with migraine also receive Botox treatment well (from 20,000 yen).

About double eyelid procedure / upper blepharoplasty

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The method of double eyelid is roughly divided into non-cutting(stich-burial) method and incision method. Among them, we are doing a special 3 point fixation method called DST which is durable for a long time. For details, I think that you would like to see this homepage, but the director of our clinic has been using this method for more than 20 years (including the experiences in the US), for well over 1000 people, not only for many Asian people, but also recently for even Caucasian patients to treat as a non-incision method of eyelid’s slack removal.

There are so many attractive people in single eyelids, so it is not recommended to anyone, but the burial method is safe, it is a method to effectively increase the opening of eyes. I think whether you used the tape or glue, but the opening of eyes looks different by slight eyelid change. In our DST burial method, not only in Tokyo, many patients from oversea come to receive the treatment.

On the other hand, if there is a lot of fat on the upper eyelids or if sagging of the eyelid is conspicuous due to aging, it may be clearer to remove extra skin and eyelid fat by the incision method. In that case we recommend incision method from the beginning.

Currently, our office is located only in Tokyo, but many people are coming from afar. Because it is a treatment that can be safely done even for a stay of about 2 days, please consult us.

Medical laser hair treatment

admin : Laser hair removal

Although there are various methods for hair removal, it is generally said that hair removal using “medical laser” is most effective. Laser equipment used in our clinic is a widely used model in the United States and has proven track record of providing safe and effective treatment.

There seems to be various methods depending on the clinic for laser hair removal treatment method, but we are carrying out multi-directional repetition of Crisscross fashion as multi-direction. Even with only one pass in one direction you can expect a certain degree of effect, but it may end with marginalization or insufficient treatment effect. In the Crisscross formula, we will treat it in two or more passes in different directions. The problem with this method is that if the practitioner does not recognize the reaction of the skin of the patient well, there is a possibility that it may become a surface burn in some parts, so only medical staff who received solid training are allowed to perform such treatment.

Board certification

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In the US, we call the plastic surgeon specialist “Board Certified in Plastic Surgery” or “Board Certified Plastic Surgeon”.

The word “Board Certified” has a special resonance, which is used to think that everyone in the United States understands its meaning. It is an idiomatic expression. Even in television and other media, scenes like “Is your doctor board certified?” Are often heard, and it is thought that whether you have this title is the first step to judge whether it is a reliable specialist or not.

By the way, in the US, in the place of postgraduate education, the choice of course is not free, past results and appraisal are greatly concerned. In general, it is said that it is the narrowest gate to go to brain surgery and plastic surgery among surgical systems and surgical systems, and the word “Board certified Plastic Surgeon” has a special sound in such a meaning I think there is.

plastic surgery and systemic management

admin : General, patient safety

Many of the surgery in the field of cosmetic plastic surgery are day trips and I think that there are many relatively small scale cases of 1-2 hours. However, sometimes there are cases where you need to be systematically monitered after being hospitalized, with breast reconstruction, massive liposuction, or surgery using free tissue.

As mentioned in this blog before, patients need to stay away from blood thinning agents such as Vitamin E, fish oil, aspirin, etc., and during the surgery we use devices to prevent deep venous thrombosis by intermittently massaging instruments in the lower limbs.

When considering the risk factor of the patient side, factors such as age (65 years old and over), obesity index (30 or more), presence of smoking, presence of other basic diseases (diabetes etc.), etc. become a problem.

In addition, in case of surgical procedures for cosmetic purposes, when considering the balance between risk and benefit, it is required that the risk be lower than when treating disease.

Those things are difficult to understand for the general public, but since it is important to life, if you are planning for big surgery, please consult with your plastic surgeon once again.

On removal operation of breast augmentation bag

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About several years after breast augmentation surgery, thick capsules are made around the implant with a considerable probability (up to 25%). This is called capsular contracture of a breast implants, and it is classified in three grades in the United States. Grade 1 has a slight wrinkle feeling when touched, but no visible abnormality; Grade 2 is one with wrinkles emerging on the skin surface, Grade 3 is a painful addition in addition to that, requires a removal operation.

Regarding the removal technique of breast enlargement bag, it is not a easy surgery. Simply removing the bag may result in inadequate results. It is necessary to remove capsules that are in close contact with the surface of the bag at the same time. In particular, capsules on the front of the bag should be removed. Otherwise, the capsule will remain around the entire circumference and become a cyst (Seroma).

Upon removal of the capsule, it may cause considerable bleeding. Therefore, at our office, we do not recommend doing such surgery as an outpatient surgery. Our doctor becomes your doctor, we recommend to operate at university hospital.

Cosmetic procedures at an university hospital

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People considering about beauty care often think that they are often consulted at private clinics. As a director of our clinic, many of the patients are still seen by us at the outpatient clinic, but there are cases where we recommend doctor’s examination and treatment at an university hospital. It is when you are planning to use a special laser equipment not installed in the clinic or think about a large-scale surgery that would be better if you went to hospitalized.

In the university hospital, being hospitalized and undergoing surgery is actually quite secure and safe. For example, there are more than 20 operating rooms in the university hospital where our director is part-time attending. They do many cases of surgeries which are extremely difficult and surgery for seriously ill patients with weak body. This means that, even in surgery for cosmetic medical care, even if unforeseen circumstances should happen, there is a system that can respond. There are also a number of specialist staff of plastic surgery, many anesthesiologists and nursing staff. In the worst case, you can also arrange a ventilator and blood transfusions. Also, even if the condition gets worse after surgery, medical staff will come soon.

As such, our doctor may recommend care at a university hospital on a case-by-case basis, which seems to be a better choice for patients.

Treatment of scars

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There are various reasons for scars, but as you look at changes in color. There are reddish objects, brown ones, and white linear ones. Although red and brown ones if you can avoid getting ultraviolet rays, they will gradually get better gradually even if conservative treatments are done, but if it does not become so or if it is already white, it is quite difficult to improve with normal treatment I will not.

Our clinic sometimes treats such scars by using a fractional carbon dioxide laser made in the USA in collaboration with a university hospital where doctors are part-time staff, so if you are interested please ask .

Botox for treatment of headaches

admin : Botox, Headaches

For treatment of migraine using botulinum toxin (Botox etc.), it is a subject of insurance treatment in Europe and the United States. If a patient is not abnormal by MRI or CT and a headache expert such as neurological department confirms diagnosis. Then, those people are being treated with peace of mind at almost all specialized medical institutions.

In Japan, it is unauthorized as an insurance treatment, so the doctor’s decision is left to the discretion, but our clinic’s guidelines are similar to those in the West. However, if local treatment is desired with mild migraine, we will also conduct partial treatment on a trial basis, so please consult us. In that case, the treatment cost is from 20,000 yen.

About liposuction

admin : Liposuction

In Japan, there are few patients who desire liposuction even if they say slimming surgery, and if possible, they seem to be interested in partial slimming by laser or injection. Also, even with cases with a lot of fat and non-invasive methods that can hardly be treated, it may be giving the impression that ultrasound or liposuction using internal laser is better.

In the United States where the aesthetic medicine is advanced, there are still many methods of liposuction using old-fashioned hands (more than 250,000 cases per year), and there are not many methods using laser or ultrasound in combination. There may be reasons for this, and may have been written before, but in such a way, many burns (burns) due to the heat of the tip of the equipment have been reported, especially for patients with not much fat It is getting not used. Considering Japanese patients with American standards, there are not many people with a lot of fat, so it is our thoughts of our hospital that it is better not to use these devices.

Five conditions for longevity

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I have talked about the subject like the title in fact in my book about 14 years ago. Looking back now, there are places where I nod and why.
1. Genetic factors
2. Social and behavioral factors
3. Environmental factors
4. Mental factors
5. Physical factors
In a very brief explanation, 1 is a person who has a gene of longevity and can not do anything about this. Regarding social factor of 2, it refers to a stable family life, friendship, or connection with society. Behaviorally, there are overseas data that people with anger and those with aggressive personality are likely to progress atherosclerosis. Excessive drinking also shortens the life span, so I think it is important to know the appropriate amount.

The mental factor of 4 is to think about measures to prevent aging of brain cells. On my own terms, I feel that 3 and 5 actually affect individuals most.

For 3, a person who does not smoke, for example, by smoking clean air, not approaching places and environments where it is easy to meet accidents, saying that you do not smoke, when you ride a car seat belts, job-related work and exercise It is not recommended, etc.

Regarding the physical factors of 5, it is better to exercise not only thinking about things like aerobic exercise but also enjoying and doing it for a long time. Even in golf, tennis or swimming, I think that I will continue doing things I like. I hope to continue with the fitness using the gym instruments, can I still be old? about it. Those who are not good at exercising, I think whether walking, only walking while shopping.

And regards to eating habits, I often see comments from the experts that people with less calorie intake will live longer, do you all know? This is an experimental result that is confirmed only by a mouse or a small creature. In the history of medicine research, there are many examples that even if I think that a good medicine was found in mouse experiments, it did not work for human beings at all. For humans, I do not yet know whether excessive calorie restriction, high protein diet is really good.

Limited offer for Laser Hair Removal

admin : Laser hair removal

Laser Hair Removal Special Offer!

50% off of listed price (one-time offer)
Up to two areas (e.g. underarm and bikini)
Special promotion limited to new patients only
By appointment only
Must present or refer to this coupon at the time of reservation

Please inquire by e-mail or call 03-5475-2345

(This special offer may end without further notice)

*The Laser Hair Removal in our facility is done by female medical staff.

Fat graft to buttocks

admin : Buttock augmentation, Fat graft

According to a recent journal of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, complications due to the injection of fat into the buttocks are more common than other procedures, and many are serious. For example, complications leading to fat embolism and death are reported in various places.

This is what we had been proposed several times from the past, but this report is published as a fairly clear numerical value.

At our clinic and hospital, due to the reasons mentioned above, fat injection into the buttocks is not performed except for special cases.

Aesthetic medicine: US – Japan differences

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In Japan, there are many people who imagine something special about aesthetic medicine and cosmetic surgery. Many clinics bring patients with flashy advertising, and many patients coming to the clinic come secret. Moreover, it is said that many patients are different from the patients who visit usual medical department, i.e., having conditions such as psychosomatic diseases, neurosis, obsessive compulsive disorder, etc. As for the treatment contents, it is better to restore any problems into more normal looking status so that people can live a normal life after plastic surgery, but it is not a good case if someone is concerned about very small and trivial things. The latter is the scene of Japanese aesthetic medicine care, especially in cosmetic surgery.

On the other hand, there is no independent specialized department called cosmetic surgery in the United States because the plastic surgery also includes cosmetic surgery. In the United States, plastic surgery corrects the shape of the nose and the eyelid’s eyelid due to aging, just like general otolaryngology and ophthalmology, who should be cured as anyone sees it and agree with the treatment. It is common for the whole family to come to the clinic/hospital, and often they come to consult with a couple or parents. The inside of the clinic is also bright, not like being hidden quietly like in Japan.
As a result of doing aesthetic medicine care and plastic surgery in both the United States and Japan, I definitely feel such a difference as mentioned above.

About EBM

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Do you know the word EBM? EBM is an abbreviation for Evidence Based Medicine, which is a concept that has been used for a long time in clinical medicine, including plastic surgery. The details are given to the book, but to put it briefly, it is natural thinking that scientifically accepted treatment method is used according to the result such as clinical trials carried out by a reliable method.
However, this way of thinking has not necessarily been followed in the field of medical treatment for non-insurance covered cosmetic treatments. For example, if we say treatment not dependent on EBM, we cured several patients with this treatment method, for example, this method is a unique treatment developed at our hospital, etc. However, it is not supported by data of harsh clinical trials I will do.

I think that this problem will also be found in the treatment site of beauty care, but unfortunately also in the field of regenerative medicine, (unauthorized) cancer treatment, gene therapy and others. We hope you will be a smart customer and accept only EBM.

Botox treatment popular among men (US news)

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According to Huffington news in the USA, in the United States in recent years the number of men who receive Botox treatment has increased considerably. Most patients in our hospital are English speaking patients, but many foreign men are receiving Botox treatment each year. The treatment area is forehead (forehead), eyebrows are central. Unlike women, Botox treatment for wrinkles in the outer corner of the eye may be better for men, if you think carefully.

For details, please see the following:

Breast augmentation and lymphoma (part 3)

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Although it is rare but when a breast augment implant bag was used in breast augmentation and reconstructive surgery after breast cancer surgery, a special lymphoma subsequently occurred in patients who had a textured type surface roughened type bag inserted. We have stated in the past that there is a slightly higher possibility than general population.

It is reported that this issue is becoming a big social issue in the USA today in the New York Times electronic version of the major newspaper in the USA. For details, please refer to the following site.

Breast augmentation and lymphoma (part 2)

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We informed previously in the part 1 of this title, but the relevance between the implant (bag) used for breast augmentation and T lymphoma has been reported in Europe and the United States. This phenomenon is likely to happen when holding a breast augmentation bag for more than 10 years in the body, especially on a textured type product whose surface is rough. Actually, this Textured type is a kind of breast enlargement bag that is often used in breast rebuilding after breast cancer.

The textured type was said to have less effect of so-called capsule contracture, which makes it harder for the breast and stiffer than the Smooth type with smooth surface. However, on the other hand, it was also known that bacteria settled in the surface roughness, creating a phenomenon called infected biofilm.

The most important thing is that patients who have this breast enlarged bag in their body once palpated by themselves and feel uncomfortable, we recommend that you consult a specialist and perform MRI examination .

Liposuction for men and women – the differences

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With regard to liposuction of tummy (abdomen), we need to think separately for men and women. In general, abdominal fat of females accumulates outside the abdominal wall (subcutaneous of the stomach), and it is suitable for liposuction. On the other hand, as a man’s stomach is represented by the expression “metabolic belly”, it is often stored inside the abdominal wall, that is, between the intestines and organs (visceral fat), as it is represented by the expression of metabolic belly, There are few parts that can be taken with suction.
There are men who often misunderstand liposuction as weight loss surgery. In the case of men, improvement of dietary habits, exercise, change of stress, and sometimes diet medication may be more effective than liposuction although some men are still qualified for localized liposuction procedures.

Hyaluronic acid injection and serious complications

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The director at our clinic about 12 years ago when he just returned to Japan he had a lecture for a Japanese doctor.

At that time he already mentioned that it may lead to blindness rarely as a US report with hyaluronic acid or other subcutaneous infusions. In particular, special care is required for injection into the areas near eyes, between the eyebrows and the nose root. It is better not to inject such sites as much as possible, and when it is absolutely necessary to avoid excessive injection depth and speed (pressure).

The filler injection might appear an easy procedure but because of rare yet serious complication that my occur, a board-certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist should be doing the procedures.

Liposuction and obesity

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Liposuction is not a procedure to eliminate obesity, it is an operation that effectively removes locally accumulated fat (lower abdomen etc.). Many people misunderstand this as well as the general public, as well as non-professional physicians.

At the American Society of Plastic Surgery, liposuction is not recommended for people with a BMI index of 30 or more. Such a person must first lose weight with diet therapy. As liposuction for patients with a BMI of 30 or more, the risk of complications (deep venous thrombosis and side effects of anesthesia) also increases, so careful response is required.

Breast reduction by liposuction

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If the breast is too large and there are symptoms such as shoulder stiffness, it is common practice to cut out the breast tissue by the method called breast reduction method and then sew the skin again.
However, this method has problems in patients who are planning breast-feeding in the future. Another way that can be considered in such a case is to do a method of first reducing fat-portion of the breast by liposuction and then sewing only the skin of the breast. Feeding breastfeeding is possible with this method.

Facelift and type of anesthesia

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A facelift is a rejuvenating operation that pulls the slack portion of the face and neck, and excise extra skin etc. Surgery may be a 4-5 hour operation in the case of a full face lift. This operation is generally done in a system where you are hospitalized in a hospital under general anesthesia, but sometimes it is done by local anesthesia as a day surgery outside.
Local anesthesia is not inferior to general anesthesia, and local anesthesia may be safer in some patients. Complications of deep venous thrombosis (so-called economy class syndrome) may occur with long operation surgery. It is said that this is not common in procedures under local anesthesia. The patient is awake and is involuntarily moving his legs.

Breast augmentation and lymphoma

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In Europe and the United States, some patients who have undergone breast augmentation in the past have lymphomas in their breasts and are currently monitoring such cases.

ALCL (Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma) is called T cell lymphoma in detail. Unlike the same type of lymphoma that occurs in the whole body, what is associated with breast augmentation is localized to the breast and the prognosis is said to be good. It is a phenomenon only seen in cases using breast enlargement bags, especially on the surface called Textured type more commonly found in grainy breast enlarged bags.
The US FDA has instructed plastic surgeons to inform these patients about such information. In France, there is a debate as to whether to prohibit the use of such breast enlargement bags more seriously. However, since it is a very rare phenomenon at frequent times, it seems that discussion has not been done in Japan either.

Liposuction – tumescent technique revisited

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Regarding liposuction, our clinic has received various questions from many patients of different nationality.

At this time, we will discuss about slimming surgery using various accompanying devices which are said to be the “latest type” among them. For liposuction, it is famous for its wet method with ordinary cannulas using a tumescent solution that has been widely used in the United States for many years and has established safety. In this method, a local anesthetic or a drug which becomes difficult to bleed is diluted highly, injected so as to inflate the tissue in the target area, and then suctioned. In this method, it is known that bleeding volume is 1% or less of the aspiration volume (very little). Also, depending on the skill of the doctor, it is said that there is little damage to the tissues due to the equipment used, and it is a safe way. In our clinic, using this microcannula method which further evolved this method, effective results with little unevenness are obtained.

Nowadays, in place of the above method, some devices have come up that generate ultrasonic waves and lasers at the tip of the liposuction device. Japanese people are sensitive to new technologies, so treatment using these devices seems to be commonly done in Japan. Then how about in the United States? In the United States, such devices temporarily attracted attention, but it is not being used more often now that it is not used frequently. Why? The biggest problem is the seriousness of complications. Many of these liposuction plus alpha devices emit high energy at the tip, resulting in burns (burns) in the subcutaneous tissue, damage to the nerve, edema due to a delay in the course of healing (water accumulation) etc.

As a result, in the United States and elsewhere, it is true that we have returned to liposuction using a conventional tumescent-based system that does not use lasers or ultrasound.

Migraine headaches and Botox treatment

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In our clinic, treatment of migraine is done with botulinum toxin (Botox). This treatment is a treatment method approved by government agencies in Western countries such as the United States, Canada, UK, Australia. Prior to treatment we will check to see if it meets some standards.

First of all, doctors such as neurological department and neurosurgery undergo diagnosis of headaches such as migraine. Then, if possible, receiving image diagnosis such as CT or MRI in the past, it is possible to confirm that there is no abnormality, and so on. At the time of the first visit, if you bring a thing with a history list of medications and a history of treatment up to now, the procedure will be smooth.

Nasal allergy and Botox

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For those who are in a season of hay fever or other pollen allergy, although it is unapproved treatment, when improvement is not seen with otolaryngology, taking allergy medicine in ophthalmology, in certain countries a small amount of botulinum toxin is sprayed into the nasal cavity. It has been reported that treatment is effective only by applying to the mucosa.

Breast augmentation and future MRI study

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Most patients are in good condition for a while after being subjected to breast augmentation, but when you want to investigate whether there are problems with breast augmentation bags when it becomes stiff or when you feel a change like a streak (rippling), or that my general symptoms are not good , The best test is MRI study.

Although it costs a little, it is possible to detect bag breakage, leak (leak), degree of capsular contracture, peripheral abnormalities (breast cancer, lymphoma etc.). However, someone with metal in somewhere in the body may not be able to do so so it is necessary to check in advance. There may be cases when you have a tattoo (tattoo) in it.
The American FDA recommends MRI examinations every 3 years for people who have performed breast augmentation, but in reality it seems that there is not one who does so frequently.

Use of supplements and filler/Botox

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Hyaluronic acid and Botox are rejuvenation methods that can be treated easily without reservation, but there are some conditions.

Those who are regularly using vitamin E, fish oil (EPA, DHA, omega 3, etc.), aspirin and other pain medication called NSAIDs have thin blood, so it is easy to get bruised by stabbing the needle, especially hyaluron near the lower eyelid. It is safer to treat it without taking medication for more than a week when considering such an injection.

Regarding Botox, it is said that it is not recommended if you are currently pregnant, or breastfeeding, but it is also said that it is better not to use it even if there is a possibility of pregnancy within the next 3 months from now. In addition, this is for both sexes.

What is a liquid facelift

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Botulinum toxin such as Botox, and dermal fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm have been used for many years to treat facial wrinkles. Botox is usually used to treat lines between the eyebrows, wrinkles on the forehead, wrinkles in the corner of the eye. The most frequently used filler is the same substance as hyaluronic acid which is also present in healthy skin and its deeper layers, and these hyaluronic acid fillers are usually used in combination with legal and marinet wires and longitudinal wrinkles of the upper lip It is used to correct.

Recently, in the United States, long-lasting hyaluronic acid is used to make the upper part of the cheek plump, and by doing so, the wrinkles of all parts of the face pull to the apex of the bulge It is aiming at the effect of being decreased. This method is called Liquid Facelift in English and is also called a liquid face lift in Japanese, is now a very popular treatment.

About troubles after breast augmentation

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Breast augmentation surgery is a wonderful operation that makes a very attractive body line. However, after undergoing this operation, there are things that I have to watch over for years. One is encapsulation or capsule contracture, and the breast implants occurring at a rate of 10-15% are in a state of hardening. If the condition gets worse, it will become a streak that you can understand by touching from the top of the skin, or you can understand it even by just looking at it. When such a condition occurs, it is necessary to remove the implant (breast enlargement bag) and also remove the capsule membrane that is completed.

It will be a larger scale surgery than when breast augment surgery was done for the first time. In general, it will be treated as a hospital admission. On the other hand, if you do not remove the capsule stuck to the breast augmentation bag, you can do with simple surgery if you just need to remove the bag, another complication of water accumulation in the capsule (seroma) also can occurs.

Besides this, damage of the bag (rupture) is said to occur at a probability of about 1% per year per one year. It is difficult to detect this by palpation alone, so image diagnosis such as MRI becomes necessary.
In case
It is said that about 25% of patients who have performed breast implants need to undergo surgery in the future if various other complications are added.

Relationship between breast implants and lymphoma

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The French government recently warned that it is related to implants used for breast augmentation and specialized lymphomas (undifferentiated large cell lymphoma, Anaplastic large cell lymphoma (abbreviated as ALCL) in English) in breasts became.

Currently it is a very rare tumor and the prognosis is better than the lymphoma that occurs in the whole body so it is not a recommendation for patients who have done breast implants immediately. ALCL is a T cell type tumor called non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and there are about 60 cases reported in the world about localized breasts, but it is said that there are more than tens of millions of patients receiving a breast augmentation surgery Because it is so, it is extremely rare.

However, in Europe and the United States there is a system to make information disclosure early and the FDA also keeps monitoring on this subject.

Regarding “Fibroblast” and “PRP”

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“Fiblast” (Fibroblast) is a human bFGF material developed in Japan and it is approved by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare for use in the treatment of decubitus ulcers (burn ulcers, lower leg ulcers) in the plastic surgery field.

Recently medical institutions of beauty medical care have used this material out of approval. Even in our clinic, patients receiving a subcutaneous injection of this substance at another clinics come and complain “lumps” of the injected sites. It is difficult to remove a lump caused by subcutaneous injection of fibroblasts and removal is difficult even with invasive treatment. I think whether it is better to pay attention to subcutaneous injection of the fibroblast material that is used for non-approval use.

Regarding PRP, the substances derived from your own blood, it is necessary to submit a third category registration on regenerative medicine by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, and I think that some approved medical institutions can still do such treatment. However, it is recent general opinion that the sustained effect by subcutaneous infusion as said earlier can not be expected.

We are using only Swedish Restylane and Juvederm made in France, which is approved as a subcutaneous infusion in the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. Even if problems arise, there are degradative enzymes, and it is rare to cause permanent lumps and the like.

About pain during tattoo removal

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Many of the tattoo removal is done using laser, but if you do not do some pretreatment (anesthesia) then it will be accompanied by a considerable pain.
In our clinic, pain is relieved by using anesthetic cream or a method of injecting local anesthesia. In the case of anesthesia cream, please think that pain can be reduced in 40-50%. On the other hand, in the case of local anesthesia, it becomes painless. The needle used for local anesthesia uses a very fine needle imported from the United States.
Which anesthetic method is better, you can choose from those two. If you would like to take tattoos but are not good at hurting, please do not hesitate to consult us.

Is hyaluronic acid injection between eyebrows (glabella) dangerous?

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The director of our clinic came to Japan from the United States back in 2005. Just ten years ago I gave a lecture on safe hyaluronic acid therapy etc. to the doctors as a lecturer at a seminar on beauty care procedures such as hyaluronic acid. At that time, there was a report that there was already high risk of injection of hyaluronic acid-containing injections into the surroundings of the eyebrows in the United States.

There are few small arteries that are dominant in the vicinity of the eyebrows, and there is no supply of blood flow from the other side with side chains to each other (the end- artery). When injected material enters such a blood vessel, surrounding tissues die (necrosis). Also, since the artery around the eyebrows is located close to the arteriovenous of the orbit (in the dent of the eye), multiple examples in which the injected substance enters the eye artery for reflux to cause blindness It has been reported.

In the case of hyaluronic acid, there is still an enzyme agent that dissolves it, but there are cases where it can not be saved with other injectables, especially those of semi-permanent type.

The same problem may actually occur not only in the glabellar region but also anywhere in the center of the face. There are several technical key points when injecting subcutaneous infusions such as hyaluronic acid, and for those who do not master it, these risks are even higher.

In general terms, I think that treatment of these subcutaneous infusions should be done by specialists (board-certified dermatologists or plastic surgeons) who are familiar with cosmetic medicine (also attending academic societies) doctors. At our clinic, we explain the possible dangers to patients when treating that part, and we are doing the treatment.

Dr. Kure is the only US board-certified plastic surgeon in Japan.

Can I expect painless treatment?

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Regarding the pain accompanying the treatment, we use various methods to alleviate the pain used in the United States, we try to treat less burdensome.
Even when using local anesthesia, for example, special pain medication is used to minimize the pain of the injection itself.
In addition, we use Japanese made ultra fine needle. Even in the case of hyaluronic acid injection, it is also possible to treat with almost painless by using nerve block anesthesia according to your request

Is hyaluronic acid injection safe?

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About 10 years ago when we began preparing the clinic in Japan, we inofrmed on the safety of subcutaneous infusions such as hyaluronic acid in the US at a lecture meeting for doctors, but at that time I have mentioned the serious complications of blindness and skin necrosis many times.
In the United States some of these complications had already been announced.
Although hyaluronic acid itself is generally a safe dermal filler, it is rarely happened that there are events in which facial blood vessels become clogged due to treatment to the vicinity of the eyebrows and nose.
Although highly skilled technique is required for such injections, hyaluronic acid still has some medicines to dissolve it, but in many cases it can be reduced somehow, because there are no such drugs for permanent type of infusions , It will be a serious consequence when a problem occurs.
In our hospital, we do not use it as injectable material except for hyaluronic acid made from USA or France or autologous fat.

Do hyaluronic acid disappear the nasolabial line completely?

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Hyaluronic acid is a type of polysaccharide and its basic chemical structure is the same as that originally found in human skin.
Because the force to attract moisture is strong, even a small amount of treatment may cause expansion effect beyond injection volume.
However, since the nasolabial lines formed after many years are deep subcutaneously deeply contained like a scar, it may be difficult to completely eliminate this with subcutaneous injectables.
Although I look at the situation with injection of about 1 cc usually, it can be said that the nasolabial lines should improve according to the injection volume.

About the lump, swelling, and bruises when injecting hyaluronic acid?

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It is extremely rare that unexpected swelling occurs by injecting hyaluronic acid. In that case there is a possibility of allergic reaction (which is said to be very difficult in theory).

In some cases it may be necessary to inject an enzyme agent that degrades hyaluronic acid.

More commonly seen are “lumps” and “bruises”, but the lump is more common when hard filler is used or the skin is thin at the injection site.

Regarding bruises, if you are taking medications or supplements that have blood-thinning action (Vitamin E, fish oil, aspirin, etc.), those who came to treatment after stopping them for more than one week It is safe.
If that is not the case, We think that big bruises will not happen often.

For more details, please visit this page. Thank you.

How much is the pain when injecting hyaluronic acid?

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Before applying hyaluronic acid injection, we apply local anesthetic cream to the area to be treated and wait for a while before treatment.

This will relieve pain considerably, but if you prefer treatment that is more painless, block anesthesia may be given.

The fillers that we use in our clinic usually contain local anesthesia as well. If you are very sensitive to slight pain, you may take oral pain killer ahead of time as an option.

For more details, please visit this page. Thank you.

I heard that injection of Botox to jaw muscles may cause facial paralysis. really?

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There is little chance of facial nerve paralysis when injecting Botox into the jaw muscle, but it can occur rarely.

This is because branches of facial nerve are traveling the area near the jaw muscle injection.

If it happens, the left and right difference of facial expressions will appear. Even if paralysis occurs, it will fully recover in the future.

For more details, please visit this page. Thank you.

Can I inject Botox while pregnant or breast feeding?

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Since Botox has not confirmed safety during pregnancy and lactation, it can not be used during these periods.

Please tell me about possible side effects after Botox injection.

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Botox itself is a safe formulation and rarely has side effects, but the side effects caused by the relationship of the injection site include eyelid ptosis (eyelid lowering) and eyebrow ptosis.

It occurs with a probability of 1% or less in the treatment of the frown lines and forehead, but it surely recovers.

Next, symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, and a common cold are rare as those occurring regardless of the injection site. In rare cases, facial nerve paralysis may occur due to injection into the jaw muscles.

For more details, please visit this page. Thank you.

Does it cost me the first examination of skin care (Obagi therapy)?

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It costs 3,000 yen + tax for the name of the initial registration fee.

Is there follow-up at the clinic after using Obagi?

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Approximately 1-2 times a month is required to show your progress.
This is because OBAJI is a medicine, so it will not work well without a doctor’s guidance.

How much will Obergi cost?

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It depends on the symptoms.
There are 5 to 6 bottles in Obagi’s kit, but our clinic does not use all of them from the beggening.
First of all, when you look at the condition of your skin, for example, if only spots are a problem, you start with two kinds of medicine that rejuvenates skin called tretinoin and whitening medicine.
In this case tretinoin is 7500 yen plus tax, even if whitening medicine is added, it will settle at the 20,000 yen level.
If you have used OBAGI before, even if you want all the kit, it is about 53000 yen (+ tax) at maximum.
This price depends on the clinic.

What is the effect of skin care (Obagi therapy) ?

admin : Skin Care

Improvement in acne, spots, pores, blemishes, and it has lifting effects and so on.
There is also an effect on the melasma (stain of symmetry on the cheeks).

What kind of operation is the non-cutting double eyelid (burial method)?

admin : Eyelid

Instead of cutting the eyelid skin, make a double line of the upper lids with a small needle and thread underneath the eyelids.

The results of the DST method of double eyelid surgery is durable.

There is also a method to fix with just one thread in a simpler way, but there are times when it can lose the created lines.

The durable three points fixation is obtained by the DST method.

This DST technique is also used to correct the sagging skin of the Caucasian upper eyelids.

Is the treatment used in skin care (Obagi therapy) the same as “OBAGI” sold at the pharmacy?

admin : Skin Care

No, they are different products.

Obagi of a pharmacy is “cosmetics” and “Obagi” sold at a clinic is called “Obagi · ZO” and categorized as “medicine”. The latter contains prescription grade medicine such as whitening cream or AHA.

The medical grade Obagi ZO products are popular among many patients for skin rejuvenation, acne, acne scars, and facial blemishes.

For more details, please visit this page. Thank you.

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