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Skin Care and Laser Treatment

Skin Care with Retin-A, Obagi ZO therapy

Lasers for Brown Spots, Wrinkles, Red Face, Broken veins

Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser for Hair Removal

Mole, Skin lesion Removal

Whitening, Depigmentation, Peeling

Eyelash Enhancement

Laser for Stuffy Nose and Nasal Allergy

Skin Care with Retin-A, Obagi ZO

Obagi Nu-Derm and Retin A

Among many skin care items available, Retin-A is still the gold standard to treat various skin conditions. Retin-A removes old skin first, then rejuvenates the underlying skin layers, bringing baby skin like complexity. For those with brown spots, acne, and prominent skin pores, we recommend a combination of Retin-A with ZO Skin Health System / Obagi ZO system. This allows not only skin to rejuvenate but also removes unwanted brown spots and shrinks the skins pores. “Melasma” is a condition that often involves pigmentation of both cheeks (but sparing the area immediately below the lower eyelids) in symmetric pattern. This condition may not be due to simple sun exposure but related to the alteration of her internal endocrine status. It appears often during pregnancy but not necessary. Treatment options include use of whitening cream along with Retin-A and other medicated creams. Initial use of laser may be contraindicated. For photo examples, please click the “photo” button below.

Other skin care products are also available and the specialist will discuss the best treatment for you among many medications/cosmetics in the market.

Whitening cream from ¥5,000 + tax. Rejuvanation cream Retin-A from ¥10,000 + tax. ZO Skin Health System / Obagi ZO kit ¥53,000 + tax.

Retin-A and Bleaching cream

(all the pictures above are from Obagi Medical Products, Inc.)


Lasers for Brown Spots, Wrinkles, Red Face, Tattoo removal

We offer state of art laser treatment for various skin lesions by utilizing Q-switch laser, Titan, Genesis, IPL, Yag, Long-Pulse YAG, Diode, Fractional Erbium, MedLite C6, Thermage CPT, V-Beam lasers. Our office has 7 different lasers for various skin conditions that you may have.

Q switch Ruby laserThermage CPTFractional erbium laserV-Beam laserLaser Toning by MedLite C6

tattoo removal, example 1

Laser treatment for tattoo removal

Laser removal of tattoo is available (by Q-switch laser). All the laser treatments will be done at our medical facility by a specialist (the pictures from Cynosure, Inc, USA).

Regarding the pain associated with the treatment, it can be significantly reduced with numbing cream or eliminated by the use of local anesthesia.

tattoo removal, example 2The price for laser tattoo removal ranges from 20,000 yen + tax for a small one, 50,000 yen + tax for the size of business card, and 100,000 yen + tax for the postal card size (all per session).


State of Art Laser: IPL, Titan XL, Laser Genesis, Thermage CPT, Fractional erbium, V-beam and Long-Pulse YAG laser

For blemishes and fine wrinkles of the skin,IPL/Photofacial laser may be applied (the first 3 pictures below).

Cutera Laser, Titan, IPL, and Genesis

The U.S. company, Cutera invented “Titan XL ” — the state of art laser machine to deliver infrared energy to the medium to deep under skin tissue, resulting in tightening of those tissue. The final results are improvements in the sagging skin, loose skin, and lifting effects. These are said to be comparable to surgical lifting. Unlike the uncomfortable experience (pain) of “Thermacool”, the Titan gives only minimal discomfort (but big gain)(the Titan XL is the newest version of Cutera’s Titan laser – it has 3 times larger treatment head than the previous version Titan V). Titan XL – from ¥30,000 + tax.

The same machine also has a few more different functions including well known Laser Genesis that treats the superficial layers of the skin and also tighten the skin.

If you suffer from acne scar or scars from other conditions, Fractional Erbium laser treats the deep scar layers of the skin and It requires 3-5 or more sessions to show some improvement depending on the degree of the scar density, reduction of the scar is expected in most cases.

For the more marked sagging of the face and neck regions, Thermage CPT can treat the problem areas more effectively. After even one treatment you may notice significant improvement.

The Long-pulse YAG laser and V-Beam laser treats Rosecea and small vascular lesions such as spider veins of the legs (as the pictures below) and the broken veins of the face without burns and scars. Sclerotherapy for the spider veins is also available (from 20,000 yen + tax)

(For before/after of laser treatment — please check the pictures below)


blotchy pigments removed by IPL

brown spots on hands removed by laser

brown spot on face removed by Cutera Xeo
(Above 3 pictures:IPL laser – removal of blotchy spots)

Facelift by Titan laser

Titan laser for tightening and lifting of brow

lifting of abdomen by Titan

Underchin tightening by Titan laser
(above 4 pictures: Titan-XL laser lifting and tightening)

Laser Genesis for skin pores, tightening, fine wrinkles

Laser Genesis for skin pores, tightening, fine wrinkles
(above 2 pictures: Laser Genesis for skin pores, tightening, fine wrinkles)

Removal of freckels by Q-switch laser
(removal of freckles by Q-switch laser)

(removal of birthmark by Q-switch laser)

vascular lesions removed by Yag laser

(above: spider veins of legs (thigh) removed with long pulse YAG laser)

Rosacea removed by laser

(above 2 pictures: Long-pulse YAG laser for vascular lesions such as broken veins and spider veins)

stretch mark treated with Yag and Titan Laser
(Stretch mark treated with long-pulse YAG and Titan XL laser)

Laser for Hair Removal

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Laser hair removal for unwanted hair can be done using Diode laser. Our Diode laser machine is the U.S. made (Lumenis Inc) with the largest head available for that type (LightSheer XC).

laser hair removal by diode laser

Pain is minimal and result is immediate. Most regions require 3 or more treatments in 4-6 weeks interval due to the hair growth cycle. Most people show major reduction in hair growth after 3 sessions of treatment.

This is the major difference between the medical grade laser hair removal and the IPL type hair removal seen in aesthetic salons (The latter often requires more than 8 or 9 sessions to complete).

The Diode laser hair removal is done at our medical facility. It is from ¥8,000 + tax. For the full price list of laser hair removal – click here.

Female medical staff is available for laser hair removal (by appointment).


laser hair removal
laser hair removal of chin
chin, jaw line
laser hair removal of underarm
laser hair removal of face
upper neck
laser hair removal of upper back
upper back

Mole removal is done using either surgical methods for large one or laser for small one (from ¥5,000 + tax for small one and up). Skin tags are treated in similar fashion. Broken veins and and Spider veins are removed by laser (from ¥20,000 + tax ~). Other skin lesions such as lesions derived from sun damaged skin can be treat as well.

Whitening (depigmention treatment) Chemical peel is available for better toning of the skin. We have a special peeling for melasma and whitening treatment for hyperpigmented scars and acne.

Nipple/Areolar area and other pigmented areas can be treated with combined use of whitening medication and special chemical peel. Whitening cream alone often does not improve the condition, so we recommend special chemical peeling in most cases. From 10,000 yen.

Please ask more in detail. You may e-mail your inquiry to prior to a formal consultation.

Eyelash enhancing medication: Glash Vista is an unique medication developed in Japan (prescrition required) for longer, thicker eyelashes. Originated the formerly ophthalmic solution containing bimatoprost, the Japanese company made the medication in easy to apply special applicators. In this way, the known side effect of hyperpigmentation can be minimized.

One kit for 70 day’s supply with individually packed applicators, 20,000 yen plus tax.

eyelash enhancing
eyelash enhancing meds

Laser treatment for Nasal Allergy and Stuffy Nose

Stuffy nose and Nasal allergy can be treated using U.S.-made state of the art laser machine. It is an non-invasive (no pain, no bleeding) treatment. After one or two sessions, you maybe symptom free. Cost – 10,500 yen per treatment. Please ask for more detail by e-mail.

Second Opinion Consultation

  • Unhappy results from treatment/surgery elsewhere?
  • Provide pictures from before/after the procedures.
  • Bring operative reports if available.
  • You may e-mail your inquiry to prior to a formal consultation.
  • Our U.S. Board-Certified plastic surgeon will review and analyze your case, and give you a professional advice.

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