Medicines by email order

If you are an existing patient of our clinic and had previously medication(s) from us, please send us an email, then we will ship the medicine to your home.

*List of medication available by email order:

– Retin-A or Tretinoin cream (0.05% or 0.1%)
– Obagi ZO series (Cleanser, Toner, Melamin, Melamix and Sunscreen)
– Teamine undereye cream
– Others (please specify what you want)

*There will be 500 yen online evaluation fee and 500 yen handling charge.
*The medicine will be delivered by a home delivery service and the shipping fee is C.O.D.

*Please send us an email to order the medicines.

Business Hours (May 2020, revised)

While the state of emergency was announced by the authority in Tokyo area, Plaza Clinic continues to offer medical services to our patients.

We will exercise special precaution against Covid-19 by maintaining strict clean environment (use of alcohol spray, mask, etc) and having enough distance in each patient’s interval for the appointment time.

Our office is open on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 9:30 am. There may be earlier closing time on certain days, so please call or email us for availability.

Home delivery service is available if you are existing patient using Obagi ZO series, Retin A (tretinoin), whitening cream, etc.

Thank you.

Dr. Kure

Plastic Surgeon in Tokyo Japan