Breast augmentation at an university hospital

Today, the director of our hospital performed breast augmentation surgery at a university hospital. It is an operation performed in the hospital under general anesthesia. The reason for doing it at a university hospital was to use a large implant of 300cc or more and to approach under the pectoralis major muscle. Smaller implants and submammary approaches may be possible with outpatient day surgery.

The benefits of performing these surgeries at a university hospital include using a large endoscopic device or multiple cases when large-scale chest muscle detachment is required or when adhesions that are difficult to detach are found in the space under the muscle. The wisdom of plastic surgeons is to help you work more safely and accurately. In fact, in today’s surgery, it was not easy to get under the pectoralis major muscle.

Today’s surgery was performed by a team of four specialists, including the director of our hospital, who is a part-time lecturer at the university, and an associate professor class. The work was carried out in collaboration with anesthesiology specialists and a skilled nursing team. Another benefit of performing surgery at a university hospital is that it can be performed with such team medical care. It enables safer, more efficient and more accurate procedures.

In addition to various breast surgeries, the director of this hospital also performs face lift, nasal plastic surgery and body work at the university hospital.

Partial liposuction with local anesthesia

At our clinic, we use a method called “partial” liposuction. This is a method of treating only the lower abdomen with a small amount of local anesthesia for patients who are concerned about abdominal fat. This way you can safely go on a day trip without much pain. The following areas, such as the upper abdomen and flanks, can be treated on a day trip at intervals of 2-3 weeks or more.

The essential liposuction technique is to use a diluted anesthetic solution called Tumecent, which was developed in the United States, and then use a thin suction machine called a microcannula made in the United States to perform liposuction. By doing this, you can expect a quick recovery with less damage to the tissue. Our American board-certified plastic surgeons have a proven track record of doing many liposuctions in this way over the past 20 years.

Botox at Plaza Plastic Surgery: 1 week warranty with a highly experienced US specialist.

Our doctor is an US board-certified plastic surgeon who has treated many people of all races for over 20 years. In addition, our clinic offers a one-week warranty, and for the treatment of wrinkles on the forehead, glabellar (frown lines), and crow’s feet (outer corners of the eyes), additional treatment after one week is free.

In addition, for Botox treatment of parts other than the above, it is also applied to jaw like muscles (thinning, improvement of clenching), stiff shoulders, migraine, hyperhidrosis (armpit, limbs).

Medical Laser Hair Removal: Why do you need two types of lasers, YAG and Diode?

There are various types of hair removal lasers, but at our clinic, we have a model called Quattro and a model called Desire from Luminous Inc., which have received the oen of the highest evaluation overseas, and we treat with both YAG and Diode lasers.

The YAG laser is a laser with a wavelength range of 1060 nm, while the diode has a wavelength of 805 nm. Diodes perform very effective hair removal on Caucasian and Asian skin types. Yags work deeper into the skin than diodes. This means, for example, that it also reaches the part of the hair stem cells called the bulge area. In addition, YAG LASER can effectively remove hair by minimizing damage to the skin even when the skin is dark.

This means that with both yag and diode lasers, medical laser hair removal for all skin types of patients can be done safely and effectively.

State of art laser hair machine has arrived

Introducing the Luminous Quattro from Lummenis, inc. is the latest hair removal laser approved by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan. It is equipped with both an 805nm diode and a 1060nm YAG laser. Therefore, it is compatible with almost all skin types.

We have been using the Lumines Lightshheer laser for many years, but after that we introduced the more advanced Lumines Desire, and now we are introducing the latest model Quattro. In this way, we have introduced the best laser equipment in the world standard, but on the contrary, we have lowered the treatment price of laser hair removal.

Please take this opportunity to try the world’s best laser hair removal equipment.

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