Breast lift under local anesthesia

Breast sagging can be natural, but it can also occur after breastfeeding. Usually, these drooping breasts are operated on both sides at the same time under general anesthesia, but there are cases where people do not want to receive general anesthesia or want to perform under local anesthesia for other reasons.

In our clinic, the treatment of drooping breast can be done under local anesthesia. In that case, due to the limited amount of anesthetic, surgery is performed on each side. Since it is a one-day surgery, you can go home immediately after the surgery.

Surgery for a ptosic (sagging) breast involves removing the skin around the areola, as well as removing the lower part of skin and adipose tissue, depending on the degree of ptosis. In some cases, liposuction is also used (in breasts with high fat content).

Diagnosis and treatment of gynecomastia at our clinic:

In addition to the physical examination including palpation, we also perform MRI examinations at a third-party institution for patients who come to our clinic complaining of symptoms such as gynecomastia. Palpation alone may not tell whether gynecomastia-like breast ridges are due to a subareolar mass, a fibrous component, or fat buildup. An MRI scan will tell you these things fairly accurately and can be diagnosed by an independent radiologist.

If the MRI results show true gynecomastia, treatment is possible within the scope of the Japanese national insurance coverage. Conversely, if a diagnosis of pseudogynecomastia is made due to findings such as a large amount of adipose tissue, adipose tissue aspiration is indicated instead of resection, which is a free practice (no insurance coverage).

Next, even if the tumor is removed by subareolar incision in insurance medical treatment, at our clinic, by removing the surrounding adipose tissue to some extent at the same time, a steep step with the excised part of the tumor is eliminated, and more complete hemostasis is performed. We believe that we can get the better results this way. This method is also commonly done in the United States.

At our clinic, in cases where surgical treatment is performed under the diagnosis of gynecomastia, the excised tissue is submitted to an external pathological examination, and the pathological diagnosis report is given to the patient.

Diagnosis and treatment of gynecomastia requires a scientific approach tailored to each individual patient, and our clinic diagnoses and treats with the above protocol.

Facelift at hospital setting

The director of our clinic sometimes operates at university hospitals. The other day, face lift surgery was performed under general anesthesia, and he participated in it. Surgery at a university hospital has a team medical system, and 3-4 plastic surgeons perform facelift surgery as a team. Surgery that takes about 4 hours to perform alone can be safely and effectively performed in 2 to 3 hours, and good results can be expected from the viewpoint of anesthesia management.

There are various surgical methods for face lift, but under general anesthesia, you can also pull the fascial tissue called deep SMAS. The director of this clinic can perform face lift even under local anesthesia, in which case one-day surgery is also possible, but it is rather a mini lift.

In this way, at our hospital, it is possible to operate the face lift in the hospital or outpatient department according to the needs of the patient.

Surgery at the university hospital

A few weeks ago, we performed a major surgery at a university hospital where the director is an adjunct assistant professor. This case was done by removing the capsule and replacing the breast augmentation bag, especially in cases where encapsulation occurred in past breast augmentation surgery and was accompanied by severe contracture of the third degree.

Removing the thick capsules from past breast augmentation surgery can be a daunting task. To remove the capsule cleanly, it is necessary to carefully peel off the capsule while repeating delicate removal and hemostasis by a plastic surgeon.

These surgeries were performed with the participation of four specialists on the day of the operation with a team medical system in place. The breast augmentation bag could be replaced with a large one over 400cc, and the patients were very satisfied.

For complicated cases as above, we perform surgeries in the university hospital.

Prominent Ear

Prominent Ear (standing ear) is not just standing ears, but also have weak or no bends like the streaks that should be in the middle of ear, and even when the entire ear is far away from the skull. , There are various cases. Therefore, it is necessary to select an accurate diagnosis and the most suitable treatment method for each case. Our doctors have been involved in many standing ear treatments for over 20 years and can meet those needs.

In addition, even if you have been treated at another hospital in the past, but it has recurred or did not go well, we will respond flexibly.

The procedure is often covered by the national health insurance.

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