Medical Laser Hair Removal: Why do you need two types of lasers, YAG and Diode?

There are various types of hair removal lasers, but at our clinic, we have a model called Quattro and a model called Desire from Luminous Inc., which have received the oen of the highest evaluation overseas, and we treat with both YAG and Diode lasers.

The YAG laser is a laser with a wavelength range of 1060 nm, while the diode has a wavelength of 805 nm. Diodes perform very effective hair removal on Caucasian and Asian skin types. Yags work deeper into the skin than diodes. This means, for example, that it also reaches the part of the hair stem cells called the bulge area. In addition, YAG LASER can effectively remove hair by minimizing damage to the skin even when the skin is dark.

This means that with both yag and diode lasers, medical laser hair removal for all skin types of patients can be done safely and effectively.

State of art laser hair machine has arrived

Introducing the Luminous Quattro from Lummenis, inc. is the latest hair removal laser approved by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan. It is equipped with both an 805nm diode and a 1060nm YAG laser. Therefore, it is compatible with almost all skin types.

We have been using the Lumines Lightshheer laser for many years, but after that we introduced the more advanced Lumines Desire, and now we are introducing the latest model Quattro. In this way, we have introduced the best laser equipment in the world standard, but on the contrary, we have lowered the treatment price of laser hair removal.

Please take this opportunity to try the world’s best laser hair removal equipment.

New, Lower price for medical laser hair removal

We have a new machine, called YAG laser for the medical laser hair removal from the famous Lumenis Inc. This laser machine is especially safe and effective for people with dark skin type.

We also lowered the price for the medical laser hair removal at our clinic. All the areas are significantly more reasonable than ever before.

For medical grade laser hair removal,
please visit our website section for more details.

Medical laser hair treatment

Although there are various methods for hair removal, it is generally said that hair removal using “medical laser” is most effective. Laser equipment used in our clinic is a widely used model in the United States and has proven track record of providing safe and effective treatment.

There seems to be various methods depending on the clinic for laser hair removal treatment method, but we are carrying out multi-directional repetition of Crisscross fashion as multi-direction. Even with only one pass in one direction you can expect a certain degree of effect, but it may end with marginalization or insufficient treatment effect. In the Crisscross formula, we will treat it in two or more passes in different directions. The problem with this method is that if the practitioner does not recognize the reaction of the skin of the patient well, there is a possibility that it may become a surface burn in some parts, so only medical staff who received solid training are allowed to perform such treatment.

Limited offer for Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal Special Offer!

50% off of listed price (one-time offer)
Up to two areas (e.g. underarm and bikini)
Special promotion limited to new patients only
By appointment only
Must present or refer to this coupon at the time of reservation

Please inquire by e-mail or call 03-5475-2345

(This special offer may end without further notice)

*The Laser Hair Removal in our facility is done by female medical staff.

Is treatment of laser hair removal every 6 weeks?

There are individual differences in the cycle where hair grows, but it is generally 4-6 weeks.

If you are going to book next time, if you are a type of hair growing up well, you can do it after 4 weeks, otherwise it is fine even after 6 weeks.

Also, if you still have not been able to grow even after 4-5 weeks, you can change your reservation by phone (to postpone later).

There are some conditions where you have very rapid hair growth than average – such as in case of PCOS, you may get treatment in shorter interval than usual case.

For more details, please visit this page. Thank you.

Who will perform laser hair removal treatment? Because I want to treat bikini line, I do not like men …

At our clinic, after the doctor makes an inquiry (a brief consultation), female nurses who are qualified therapists will be doing the treatment.

We have both YAG and Diode laser machines to treat almost all types of skin. The YAG laser is very effective for dark skin people/areas and for men’s face.

For more details about the laser hair removal, please visit this page. Thank you.

It seems that laser hair removal at an esthetic salon often takes 10 or more times to treat, but is there a difference in effect between the equipment in the clinic and the esthetic?

Our hair removal laser (Diode and YAG) is an American FDA approved “medical laser hair removal device”. These devices are very effective and powerful, but it cannot be used unless it is at a medical institution.

On the other hand, what seems to be called a laser at many esthetic salons, it is often “light therapy equipment”, the output is also weak, and it is more than doubled times (medical laser If it is 5 times, I hear that it is often necessary to have more than 10 times on esthetic equipment).

Also, basically hair removal is a medical practice, so if you interpret it by law, laser hair removal outside of medical facility is considered unlawful in Japan.

For more details, please visit this page. Thank you.

My face and the knees always have suntan and I still want to remove hair, can I?

If you already have a suntan, hair removal is not recommended basically. This is because pigments in the treated area may result in pigment loss or hyper-pigmented. Especially, in the case of the lower limb (knee), it may come out like a zebra pattern.

There are risks also in the case of the face, but in the event that it is absolutely necessary, after considering the risk sufficiently. YAG laser might be slightly safer for those people.

For more details, please visit this page. Thank you.

Is there any discount for treatment of laser hair removal?

At our clinic, we will offer you very reasonable price of laser hair removal. And, for the first time patient, we offer 50% off of two designated body areas (listed on the website).

Sometimes, it is possible to recalculate if the density or area of ​​hair drastically decreases after the fourth time, please consult the staff. Also, if you are going to do extensive treatment at more than three locations at once, there is a special discount system separately (from the third treatment), so please consult us.

For more details, please visit this page. Thank you.

Although my skin is very dark, can I treat laser hair removal?

Our laser equipment is approved for hair removal of all skin types in the US FDA.
The laser beam emits energy by identifying the black or brown hair.
The closer the skin color and hair color is to the skin, the more likely it is burns.
To prevent this, we change the wavelength of the laser (100 ms) or drop the output, but it is still easy to cause burns, so a cautious treatment plan is needed.

At our facility, there are 2 types of laser hair removal machines. One of them is called YAG laser and that is created for dark skin people, therefore, you can have safe and effective hair removal most of the time.

The only situation that we don’t recommend the treatment is if you have hyper-pigmentation due to sun exposure.

For more details, please visit this page. Thank you.

I have to treat laser hair removal once and move to another country, but is it worth getting treatment?

Laser hair removal at our clinic is an American-made medical laser device (Diode and YAG), and even one treatment can often expect a considerable reduction of hair color.

Hair removal effect requires further treatment due to hair cycle, but please be assured that any medical grade laser equipment in other countries will be effective further treatment.

For more details, please visit this page. Thank you.

How many times will laser hair removal take effect?

The effects of laser hair removal vary greatly among individuals and cannot be said unconditionally, but in general, dramatic hair loss effects can be expected with 3-4 treatments.

This means that there are 3 phases;
1. Hair growing now on the surface
2. There is also hair under the skin
3. There is still hair that is still asleep.

Therefore, three or more treatments are needed at intervals of 4-6 weeks to treat hair of all cycles. After that, from the thinner hair or the less hair-growing state will appear. There are individual differences, even if it is after several times of treatments, sometimes, hair reduction may not be completely achieved but having some thin, baby hair left.

Exception to this – people with endocrine disorder such as PCOS or genetically determined strong hair growth patterns. People with PCOS will get hair reduction eventually though.

For more details, please visit this page. Thank you.

I am pregnant (3 months) but can I get laser hair removal?

Laser therapy should be avoided during pregnancy according to the American FDA guidelines, as a general consideration.

This is due to the fact while the effect of the laser on the maternal body during pregnancy has not been sufficiently investigated, there may be changes in physiological phenomena such as increased sensitivity of pain, emotionally unstable, etc.

For more details, please visit this page. Thank you.

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