Mesotherapy in Tokyo Japan

Q) What are the benefits of mesotherapy (lipolytic injection)?

A) The point is that you can easily get the effect of partial slimming. Since the medicine is only injected under the skin, it takes less time than liposuction and there is no so much pain, so it is gentle for the body. The treatment fee is reasonable. As it is called partial slimming, you can select only the parts you care about, such as the inner thighs and lower abdomen where you can downsize with. So you may leave the parts you want to keep, such as your chest, and treat only the part you want to improve. In addition, difficult to treat problems such as cellulites may also show some improvement.

Q) What are the disadvantages of mesotherapy?

A) Because the chemical components used in fat dissolving mesotherapy include those made from soybeans, if you are allergic to soybeans you cannot have mesotherapy. In addition, those who have diseases such as diabetes and arteriosclerosis, those who are pregnant, anemia, and those who are being treated for heart disease are not candidates for this treatment.
Mesotherapy can treat limited areas at one time. Therefore, fat that can be removed compared to conventional liposuction is small and it is not suitable for removing a large amount of fat in a large area and the effect will appear gradually. It is said that it is safe to treat up to a sixe of two palms at a time, so the areas beyond that need to be treated in several instances at regular intervals.
Dissolved components of fat that enter the blood stream should have no harm to our body and, the size of two palms can be considered safe amount in one treatment.
In addition, although there is almost no downtime, this type of injection therapy rarely causes mild redness and bruises at the injection site. It may disappear in a few days to a week.

Q) Is there a limit to the area that can be treated with a single treatment?

A) It can be done anywhere in the body where there is subcutaneous fat. However, as mentioned above, there is a limit to the range of treatment that can be performed at one time.

Q) How many times do I need to take mesotherapy to get results?

A) It is recommended to inject the medicine at intervals of 10 days to 2 weeks, and the effects can be felt in 2 to 3 times on average.

Q) Can I return to work after receiving mesotherapy?

A) You can. The duration of one treatment is about 10 to 20 minutes, and it does not require advanced preparation and recovery after the treatment is quick. No large bandages or girdles are used. Therefore, it is sometimes called lunchtime therapy.

Q) Will cellulite improve?
A) Yes, mesotherapy reduces fat, so cellulite becomes less noticeable depending on the amount of fat loss.

Q) How long will the effect of mesotherapy last?
A) As long as you have a healthy diet and moderate exercise, the fat cells in the treated area may not increase (due to rebound).

Q) What are the side effects of mesotherapy?

A) In rare cases, there is a possibility of allergies. It doesn’t exclude the possibility of reaction to the skin, itching, feeling sick, or vomiting. The possibility of allergic reactions such as vomiting is extremely rare. Mesotherapy dissolves the targeted fat and absorbs the fat into the body. Even if an allergic reaction causes mild itching or redness, in the process of getting rid of it from the body, those symptoms will be cleared.
Vomiting due to allergies if happened usually improves within a few hours.

Q) I had a liposuction operation before and resulted in irregularity, can I correct it?

A) Yes it is possible. If you are concerned about the unevenness that occurs after liposuction, you can correct it with mesotherapy. The cause of this is that the part that suctioned a lot of fat and the part that was left behind are mixed, so only the part that has left behind will be improved by giving an injection.

Q) Should I massage after the injection?
A) Injections that dissolve fat are diffuse to fat cells and are less likely to be bumpy. So basically even if you do nothing in minutes, it will be in a beautiful state to some extent.
However, if you massage at home, it will be smoother and your metabolism will increase, so it will be even more shaped. In addition, please be sure to perform your own massage after the pain related the injection is gone completely.

Q) I would like to inject it into my face (cheek). Will it be exposed to others such as swelling?

A) There are certain individual differences in how swelling and pain are felt, so it cannot be said unconditionally, but there is a process of disrupting and dissolving the fat, so some people may have some swelling while other people may not develop swelling at all. However, it is also evidence that the fat cells are properly dissolved, and it almost settles down in about a week.

Q) I’m obese. Can I lose a lot of weight with an injection that dissolves fat?

A) Injections that dissolve fat are for the purpose of disrupting and dissolving subcutaneous fat cells. Therefore, it is possible to lose weight with the amount of the dissolved fat but significant weight loss is not expected since those are related to a large amount of visceral fat etc.

Q) Will you rebound after the mesotherapy?

A) Mesotherapy injection that dissolves fat cells, and excretes and reduces the number of fat cells outside the body. However, if you gain overall weight, each of the reduced fat cells will enlarge, so the size of fat tissue can grow. It can be said that it is necessary to have a proper diet.

Q) Is an injection that dissolves fat safe?

A) The components of the injection that dissolves fat are based on the amino acids that are originally in the body, so it is a highly safe in that sense. In addition, the components of this injection are excreted as waste products along with the dissolved fat cells. Therefore, it is unlikely to remain on the body and is considered safe.

Q) Isn’t the difference between the part where the fat dissolving injection was given and the other part the same?

A) The injection medicine that dissolves fat is a liquid, and we will inject finely into the areas of concern. Therefore, it diffuses to the surrounding fat cells and has a milder effect than liposuction, so it is very unlikely that sudden irregularities will occur. It is preferable to give some massage so that the margin to the untreated area will become smooth (gradation) faster.

Q) What is the difference between fat dissolving injection and regular diet?

A) Diets performed by individuals or beauty salons are for overweight and done by dietary restrictions, exercise, massage, etc. It reduces the size of cells, but in the case of lipolytic injection (mesotherapy), the fat cells themselves are treated by the similar principle as liposuction. The feature is that there are no so much concerns of rebound because it dissolves the fat cells and discharges them from the body.

Q) Is it true that the injected part gets hot after receiving a fat dissolving injection?

A) Mesotherapy injection utilizes a fat-dissolving medicine that is injected into the area where you want to lose weight, and the dissolved fat is excreted by the body. Since it starts to act on fat right after the medicine is injected, it feels like the area getting warm. But it’s nothing like a severe pain but rather warm to slightly burning sensation.

Q) Is there any place where fat dissolving injection is not possible?

A) Injections can be performed anywhere if there is enough fat to pinch with your fingers. However, for moving parts such as wrists, ankles, and fingers, injection is not recommended as they can cause pain and even if you think that those parts are fat, they are often muscular, and injections may not be very effective.

Q) How long will the pain, bruises, and swelling last?

A) There may be some pain like muscle-ache after the procedure, but you can go home right after the treatment on the day of the procedure. The pain disappears within 3 days to 1 week. Bruises swelling vary from person to person, and some people do not have so many bruises at all, while others have some. Even if it appears, it usually disappears within 3 to 7 days.

Q) It seems that it takes time for fat dissolving injection to be effective, but how long does it take to get a visible effect?

A) It’s hard to say clearly because there are differences depending on the quality, quantity, and part of fat, but a person with a height of 160 cm and 60 kg loses abdominal fat by giving two injections at a time, and repeating this three times.
There is limitation in the amount of medicine for mesotherapy that can be injected at one time, and it cannot be injected in large quantities at one time. Considering safety, treatment once every one to two weeks is appropriate so as not to put any strain on the body. For more detailed analysis, we recommend to visit the clinic and have a formal consultation with the doctor.

Consider mesotherapy in Tokyo Japan with a board certified plastic surgeon. Price/Cost: 25,000 yen plus tax for a palm size.

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