Diet therapy

We use prescription medication to control your appetite and increase the metabolism of carbohydrate and fat. Before starting the treatment, you need a brief meeting with our specialist doctor. Please visit our office for more information!

New Price for Laser Hair Removal !

We have reduced the price for the laser hair removal. Please take a look the new price list. We still offer 50% off for the first time patients up to 2 areas as well. In addition, you may get more discount as the areas increase or the hair become less obvious later on!


IPL photo genesis (from ¥21,000): IPL is flash lamp that works well when treating superficial brown and red spots. A filter is used to block the undesirable wavelengths and transmit the desired wavelengths used for treatment. The waves absorbed by melanin treat brown spots. After having interval treatments several times the face will be brighter as in a light.

Laser Genesis Skin Therapy (from ¥21,000): Laser Genesis, which utilizes 1064nm laser to the skin and treats diffuse and excessive redness and help manage, uneven skin texture. You can expect to see subtle yet consistent results after each treatment. After having treatments several times facial skin would be lifted and acne would be also treated. The procedure is pain free but you may feel warm. During procedure thin hair is removed so putting make up would be smoother. By gently heating the upper dermis well below your skin’s surface, Laser Genesis stimulates new collagen production.

Titan XL for sagging skin and wrinkles (from ¥31,500): The Titan XL is the newest version of the Cutera’s Titan Laser series and gives you an all-natural option to lift up the skin without downtime. The Titan XL is the ideal and precious device, not many clinics utilize in Japan.

Titan / Genesis combination treatment is also available.

The U.S. Company, Cutera invented “Titan” — the state of art laser machine to deliver infrared energy to the medium to deep under skin tissue, resulting in tightening of those tissues. The final results are improvements in the sagging skin, loose skin, and lifting effects. These are said to be comparable to surgical lifting. Unlike the uncomfortable experience (pain) of “Thermacool”, the Titan gives only minimal discomfort (but big gain).

The broadband spectrum of 1100 to 1800nm was selected and allows uniform and even heating of the dermis to produce volumetric heating. Volumetric heating, 1-2mm deep, is necessary to produce the desired clinical result and requires sustained temperature increase in the dermis.

Further, the infrared light-based approach provides uniform consistent heating independent of skin structure, i.e. dermal thickness or fat layers.

The effectiveness was scientifically proven by Wellman Laboratories of Photomedicine and New York laser center.

Computer Simulation service available

If you bring your pictures or you allow us to take your photos, we can simulate “before-after” type pictures at the time of consultation. Please inquire further at the time of consultation.

before-after computer simulation

Dr. Kure

Plastic Surgeon in Tokyo Japan