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Body Piercing in Tokyo Japan – Ear Piercing

We use U.S. made piercing that is made of Titanium. It is least allergic to skin. Ear Piercing is from ¥4725 (one). Body piercing can be done using local anesthesia without any discomfort to any body areas you wish (from 15,750 yen including the local anesthesia fee). Piercing is done by medical doctors only.

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Body piercing is puncturing or cutting a part of the body for the sake of wearing some sort of jewelry. This can be for religious reasons, just to express yourself, for artistic purposes or to rebel against or to rebel against you culture. Many schools, employers and religious groups have restrictions about placement or displaying piercing. The most common body piercing is ear piercing. This is followed by eyebrow, lip, nose, tongue, cheek, nipple, belly button, fingernail and genital not necessarily in the order of most common. Nose piercing has been done all the way back to before Christ. Lip piercing has been very popular historically in some African tribes and is continued today.

Ear piercing has been around a long time. Some mummies have been found with pierced ears. In many societies ear piercing was a sign of nobility and wealth. In our society it is usually just an expression of our individuality.

Any body piercing should be done with jewelry made from hypoallergenic materials. The three most common metals are surgical steel, niobium and titanium. Titanium is the least likely to cause an allergic reaction in anyone but platinum and palladium run close seconds. Because gold has other metals mixed in with it, it is not recommended to use for initial piercings. There are many tools that can be used for piercing such as the needle, indwelling cannula, dermal punch, piercing gun (most common in ear piercing establishments), cork, forceps, needle receiving tubes and anesthesia.

If the piercing is done at home by a private person a needle is usually used with a cork to be placed behind the ear. After placement is determined and marked, the cork is placed at the back of the ear and the needle is pushed through until it hits the cork. Replace the needle with an earring that is hypoallergenic. If you go to an establishment to have it done then once they have marked where the piercing should go the load a piercing gun with an earring and back, center it up on the spot and squeeze the trigger. The gun then pushes the earring towards the back of the earring in the gun and locks them together. After the piercing process care must be taken of it. Care depends on where the piercing is located at. Always use the appropriate solution for cleaning

Dr. Kure

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