Recently I encountered an article when reading our member magazine of plastic surgery specialist in the USA. “What I hate” was chosen as many of American specialists. Imagine what it is? The result is that a considerable number of people chose the word “SEO”.

Although I think that there are many people who know SEO, Search Engine Optimization is the operation of raising the ranking in the search engine of the website by paying the person (company) who is generally familiar with the operation of the computer in general . Apart from methodology, those who are particularly in cosmetic medicine are constantly exposed to the wave of SEO’s competition, which seems to be stressed.

To become a plastic surgeon it is said that after graduating from the university medical department graduate, it will finally become a single person after undergoing specialist medical education for nearly 10 years. There is also a great competition to enter the plastic surgeon’s course. However, in a real world, the number of patients will be affected by how the SEO is effective, often not necessarily related with their qualifications and skills. It is a troubling problem.

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