About pain during tattoo removal

Many of the tattoo removal is done using laser, but if you do not do some pretreatment (anesthesia) then it will be accompanied by a considerable pain.
In our clinic, pain is relieved by using anesthetic cream or a method of injecting local anesthesia. In the case of anesthesia cream, please think that pain can be reduced in 40-50%. On the other hand, in the case of local anesthesia, it becomes painless. The needle used for local anesthesia uses a very fine needle imported from the United States.
Which anesthetic method is better, you can choose from those two. If you would like to take tattoos but are not good at hurting, please do not hesitate to consult us.

When I get a job I must put out tattoos, but I do not have much time (about half a year). I heard that it may take about a year for laser. What should I do?

If it is 6 months, I think that it is possible to treat 5 times with the interval of each laser treatment being 6 weeks.

However, if you are not able to remove it after five treatments, as a matter of embarrassment, there is also an option for cutting (ablating) or the procedure called serial excisions.

Although it is thought that the skin graft is another option, please consult with a doctor as it becomes a method that remains “permanent scar” even if it is any.

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What changes will be to the skin when receiving a laser to erase tattoos?

Usually the scab can be taken within a week and a flat surface appears.

Thereafter, a light brown color change may occur in the area where the laser hits.

It gradually becomes less noticeable over a few months.

In rare occasions the treated area may be raised somewhat.
If these changes are noticeable, we may refrain from further treatment.

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I am at a loss as to whether to remove tattoos.

There are at least four factors related to laser tattoo removal.

Color, thickness, depth, skin strength etc .. Regarding color, if red and black, it is almost always possible to remove almost by repeating the number of times.
On the contrary, green, pink, purple and others are difficult to completely remove.
If it is a tattoo where most of these colors are occupied, it may be realistic to cut out (cut) or shave.
Even with black tattoos, thick pigmented tattoos require more treatment. Laser is destroying the top layer only every time.

For depth, for example, shallow pigments that amateurs put in tends to be easier to remove than dyes that are much deeper.

Finally, although it is the strength of the skin, it is sometimes the case that the laser is irradiated, the skin after the treatment rises unevenly.
Even if you use the laser at discreet power in such a case, there may be marks on the skin.
In actual treatment, we decide comprehensively the above things and decide the optimal treatment plan.

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How long and how much takes to remove tattoos?

There are several factors such as the thickness and depth of the pigment and the kind of color in the easiness of tattoo removal, in some cases it may be inconspicuous by several treatments, and in rare circumstances the case where it takes longer than 10 times to become thin Yes.

For example, in the case of black and red tattoos about 5 x 5 cm in size, the initial treatment cost will be 30,000 yen, consumption tax will be applied.

If the 2nd and 3rd rounds still remain, the same cost will be incurred, but if the treatment area needs to be reduced when 4 or more treatments are needed, re-measure the area and discount may be applied.

In addition, between treatment and treatment generally you need to wait for more than 6 weeks.

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