About double eyelids (especially non-cutting method)

We have performed many cases of double eyelids that are non-cutting. As a feature, it uses a very fine special thread (same as that used for heart surgery) to fix one or three points to the firm structure called tarsal plate. This method is also generally called the buried suture method, but in our method, it is a “complete buried suture method”, and the thread is not exposed on the inner side of the conjunctiva of the eyelid.

The director of this clinic has a total of more than 1500 cases since he was in practice in the United States, and has used this method for various races other than Japanese. From our experience, this method is especially recommended for the younger generation who seek for double eyelids. This is because the incision method cannot be redone. With our three-point fixed burial method, less than 10% of cases will lose double lines in the future, which is about the same as the incision method.

We also use our method to treat eyelid slack in older patients, which can be corrected very effectively. The same method is used for Caucasian people, and it often results in a ntural finish than Asian people.

We also perform incision-based eyelid surgery, but unless there is a compelling reason to do so (very strong sagging, too much fat, ptosis, etc.), the non-incision method is used. And, we think it’s a good way.

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Dr. Kure

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