Tumescent Liposuction Surgery

There are various types of slimming techniques, but it is liposuction that makes it easy to predict the results and can expect large changes with a smaller number of times. It is hard to say what is the current method because there have been various historical changes in liposuction, but we use the American method called “Tumescent”.

This method was developed by Dr. Klein of California nearly 40 years ago. By injecting a highly diluted local anesthetic solution into adipose tissue with a fine injection needle, it is safe with extremely small bleeding volume. It was an epoch-making idea that liposuction could be performed effectively and safely. We’ve been doing liposuction this way for over 25 years, including when we lived in the United States, and it’s safe enough that we’ve rarely experienced any complications in the past. Another feature is that in many cases it can be done with only local anesthesia.

Today as well, using this method, liposuction of the lower body of a foreign patient was performed only with local anesthesia. Unlike general anesthesia, you can get up and walk home immediately after the procedure. This method can be used to treat any area where local fat is accumulated, for example, it can be applied to almost all body parts such as the chin, upper arm, face, abdomen, buttocks, and lower limbs. Since it is under local anesthesia, it is not possible to perform extensive liposuction, but since it is treated little by little, downtime is short and work can be done without much rest. Of course, it is also possible to perform a wide range of liposuction with general anesthesia.

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