Risks of malignancy from previous breast augmentation

If you had a breast augmentation surgery in the past and were not sure about the type of implants used, you need to know the followings. In recent years rare cases of malignant lymphoma called anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL) have been reportedly among people who had breast augmentation surgery in the past. This type of tumor is localized in the breast tissue and can happen after more than 10 years from the previous surgery. It is also noted that the rough surface implants called textured type is the one related to this condition.

If you are not aware which type of breast implants placed in the past, you should consult board-certified plastic surgeon about risks. In case of removal or exchange of the existing implants and if your old implants are the textured type, the entire capsules need to be removed surgically. This kind of surgical treatment requires inpatient care in a hospital setting.

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