How many times will laser hair removal take effect?

The effects of laser hair removal vary greatly among individuals and cannot be said unconditionally, but in general, dramatic hair loss effects can be expected with 3-4 treatments.

This means that there are 3 phases;
1. Hair growing now on the surface
2. There is also hair under the skin
3. There is still hair that is still asleep.

Therefore, three or more treatments are needed at intervals of 4-6 weeks to treat hair of all cycles. After that, from the thinner hair or the less hair-growing state will appear. There are individual differences, even if it is after several times of treatments, sometimes, hair reduction may not be completely achieved but having some thin, baby hair left.

Exception to this – people with endocrine disorder such as PCOS or genetically determined strong hair growth patterns. People with PCOS will get hair reduction eventually though.

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