Skin care and laser treatment

Skin care and laser treatment in Japan?

Retin-A is still the gold standard for treating numerous skin issues among the many skin care products available. Retin-A eliminates old skin first, then rejuvenates the underlying layers, restoring the complexity of infant skin. We propose combining Retin-A with the ZO Skin Health System / Obagi ZO system for those with brown spots, acne, and large pores on their skin. This not only rejuvenates the skin, but it also removes undesirable brown spots and minimizes the pores. Melasma is a condition characterized by symmetrical coloring of both cheeks (but excluding the area just below the lower eyelids). This issue could be attributed to a change in her internal endocrine status rather than simply sun exposure. It is common during pregnancy, but it is not required. Whitening creams, as well as Retin-A and other medicated creams, are all alternatives for treatment. It’s possible that using a laser for the first time isn’t a good idea. Please see the “picture” tab below for some examples.

Other skin care products are also accessible, and the professional will explain the best treatment option for you among the several drugs and cosmetics available.

Whitening cream starts at $5,000 including tax. Retin-A rejuvanation cream starts at $10,000 + VAT. Obagi ZO kit / ZO Skin Health System $53,000 + tax

We use Q-switch lasers, Titan, Genesis, IPL, Yag, Long-Pulse YAG, Diode, Ulthera, MedLite, and Thermage CPT to provide cutting-edge laser treatment for a variety of skin lesions. Our practice has a variety of lasers for treating a variety of skin issues.

Tattoo removal with laser treatment

Tattoo removal can be done with a laser (by Q-switch laser). All laser treatments will be performed by an expert at our medical center (the pictures from Cynosure, Inc, USA). The pain associated with the therapy can be considerably decreased or avoided with the use of numbing cream or local anaesthetic. As an illustration, consider tattoo removal. 2 Our board-certified plastic surgeon in the United States performs the laser therapy. Laser tattoo removal costs 20,000 yen + tax for a minor tattoo, 50,000 yen + tax for a business card size tattoo, and 100,000 yen + tax for a postal card size tattoo (all per session).

Cutera, a U.S. business, invented the “Titan XL,” a state-of-the-art laser system that delivers infrared radiation to deep beneath the skin tissue, tightening it. Sagging skin, loose skin, and lifting effects are all improved as a result of the procedure. These have been compared to surgical lifts. Unlike “Thermacool,” which causes discomfort (pain), the Titan causes just minor discomfort (but significant gain) (the Titan XL is the newest version of Cutera’s Titan laser, with a treatment head that is three times larger than the preceding Titan V). Titan XL – starting at $30,000 plus tax.

The same machine also has a few other capabilities, including the well-known Laser Genesis, which treats the skin’s surface layers and tightens it.

Ultherapy can cure the problem areas more successfully if the drooping of the face and neck is more severe. You may notice a big difference after just one session. Ultherapy employs high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU), which allows the targeted areas to be treated to a specific depth in a highly exact manner, with subsequent shrinking and lifting effects.

For more information about laser hair removal in Tokyo Japan contact Robert Katsuhiro Kure, MD, PhD.

*Specific treatment (Ultherapy). In general, we do not provide full-face Ultherapy treatment at our facility. The reason for this is because if you had Ultherapy in an area where there isn’t much fat, you’d lose weight and, as a result, you’d seem older. In recent years, such a fat loss phenomenon has been described in the English literature. Our expert thoroughly assesses your condition and concentrates on the regions where you have substantial skin sagging and/or subcutaneous fat. This way, you can get the most out of your Ultherapy treatment while minimizing the negative effects (such as fat loss and older face).

Rosecea and minor vascular lesions such as spider veins in the legs (as shown in the photos below) and broken veins in the face can be treated with the Long-pulse YAG laser without causing burns or scarring. Sclerotherapy (from 25,000 yen + tax) is also available for spider veins. Learn more about laser hair removal in Tokyo Japan

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