Can I expect painless treatment?

Regarding the pain accompanying the treatment, we use various methods to alleviate the pain used in the United States, we try to treat less burdensome.
Even when using local anesthesia, for example, special pain medication is used to minimize the pain of the injection itself.
In addition, we use Japanese made ultra fine needle. Even in the case of hyaluronic acid injection, it is also possible to treat with almost painless by using nerve block anesthesia according to your request

Is hyaluronic acid injection safe?

About 10 years ago when we began preparing the clinic in Japan, we inofrmed on the safety of subcutaneous infusions such as hyaluronic acid in the US at a lecture meeting for doctors, but at that time I have mentioned the serious complications of blindness and skin necrosis many times.
In the United States some of these complications had already been announced.
Although hyaluronic acid itself is generally a safe dermal filler, it is rarely happened that there are events in which facial blood vessels become clogged due to treatment to the vicinity of the eyebrows and nose.
Although highly skilled technique is required for such injections, hyaluronic acid still has some medicines to dissolve it, but in many cases it can be reduced somehow, because there are no such drugs for permanent type of infusions , It will be a serious consequence when a problem occurs.
In our hospital, we do not use it as injectable material except for hyaluronic acid made from USA or France or autologous fat.

Do hyaluronic acid disappear the nasolabial line completely?

Hyaluronic acid is a type of polysaccharide and its basic chemical structure is the same as that originally found in human skin.
Because the force to attract moisture is strong, even a small amount of treatment may cause expansion effect beyond injection volume.
However, since the nasolabial lines formed after many years are deep subcutaneously deeply contained like a scar, it may be difficult to completely eliminate this with subcutaneous injectables.
Although I look at the situation with injection of about 1 cc usually, it can be said that the nasolabial lines should improve according to the injection volume.

About the lump, swelling, and bruises when injecting hyaluronic acid?

It is extremely rare that unexpected swelling occurs by injecting hyaluronic acid. In that case there is a possibility of allergic reaction (which is said to be very difficult in theory).

In some cases it may be necessary to inject an enzyme agent that degrades hyaluronic acid.

More commonly seen are “lumps” and “bruises”, but the lump is more common when hard filler is used or the skin is thin at the injection site.

Regarding bruises, if you are taking medications or supplements that have blood-thinning action (Vitamin E, fish oil, aspirin, etc.), those who came to treatment after stopping them for more than one week It is safe.
If that is not the case, We think that big bruises will not happen often.

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How much is the pain when injecting hyaluronic acid?

Before applying hyaluronic acid injection, we apply local anesthetic cream to the area to be treated and wait for a while before treatment.

This will relieve pain considerably, but if you prefer treatment that is more painless, block anesthesia may be given.

The fillers that we use in our clinic usually contain local anesthesia as well. If you are very sensitive to slight pain, you may take oral pain killer ahead of time as an option.

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I heard that injection of Botox to jaw muscles may cause facial paralysis. really?

There is little chance of facial nerve paralysis when injecting Botox into the jaw muscle, but it can occur rarely.

This is because branches of facial nerve are traveling the area near the jaw muscle injection.

If it happens, the left and right difference of facial expressions will appear. Even if paralysis occurs, it will fully recover in the future.

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Please tell me about possible side effects after Botox injection.

Botox itself is a safe formulation and rarely has side effects, but the side effects caused by the relationship of the injection site include eyelid ptosis (eyelid lowering) and eyebrow ptosis.

It occurs with a probability of 1% or less in the treatment of the frown lines and forehead, but it surely recovers.

Next, symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, and a common cold are rare as those occurring regardless of the injection site. In rare cases, facial nerve paralysis may occur due to injection into the jaw muscles.

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How much will Obergi cost?

It depends on the symptoms.
There are 5 to 6 bottles in Obagi’s kit, but our clinic does not use all of them from the beggening.
First of all, when you look at the condition of your skin, for example, if only spots are a problem, you start with two kinds of medicine that rejuvenates skin called tretinoin and whitening medicine.
In this case tretinoin is 7500 yen plus tax, even if whitening medicine is added, it will settle at the 20,000 yen level.
If you have used OBAGI before, even if you want all the kit, it is about 53000 yen (+ tax) at maximum.
This price depends on the clinic.

What kind of operation is the non-cutting double eyelid (burial method)?

Instead of cutting the eyelid skin, make a double line of the upper lids with a small needle and thread underneath the eyelids.

The results of the DST method of double eyelid surgery is durable.

There is also a method to fix with just one thread in a simpler way, but there are times when it can lose the created lines.

The durable three points fixation is obtained by the DST method.

This DST technique is also used to correct the sagging skin of the Caucasian upper eyelids.

Is the treatment used in skin care (Obagi therapy) the same as “OBAGI” sold at the pharmacy?

No, they are different products.

Obagi of a pharmacy is “cosmetics” and “Obagi” sold at a clinic is called “Obagi · ZO” and categorized as “medicine”. The latter contains prescription grade medicine such as whitening cream or AHA.

The medical grade Obagi ZO products are popular among many patients for skin rejuvenation, acne, acne scars, and facial blemishes.

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How much swelling after non-cutting double eyelids (buried method)?

The non-cutting double eyelid procedure that is a buried stitch method has been used for Asian for many years.

There is no major swelling compared to cutting.
Many people get swollen in 4 or 5 days, but some people take more than 7 days.
(3-4 weeks when cutting off), the shower is allowed from the next day, makeup can be applied from the 2nd day.

This non-cutting upper blepharoplasty can be used for Caucasian people as well for sagging upper eyelid skin.

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Dr. Kure

Plastic Surgeon in Tokyo Japan