Is it better for hair to be shaved before treatment for laser hair removal? Should I come un-shaved?

In our medical laser system, we can expect sufficient treatment effect after shaving hair.

However, the hair removal systems at a salon, as many of the instruments of the esthetic salons are weak in output such as “light-based hair removal equipment”, and often require some hair left on the surface of the skin before the treatment.

Medical laser system that we have – YAG and Diode, is very specific treatment to the hair follicles even if the hair does not exist on the skin surface, and less pain.

However, if you remove the existing hair with wax, you cannot get treated until the hair comes back to some extent.

Our clinic is equipped with 2 kinds of hair removal laser machines, both are FDA-approved. One is called Diode laser – very popular machine in the US for all types of hair can be treated. The other type is called YAG laser – and this will attack the bulge region of the hair follicle which is the center of hair growth, and very effective for dark skin or men’s facial hair.

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