It seems that laser hair depilation of estheties often takes 10 or more times to treat, but is there a difference in effect between the equipment in the clinic and the esthetic?

Our depilation laser is an American-made FDA approved “medical laser hair removal device”.
This device is very effective and powerful, but it can not be used unless it is a medical institution.
On the other hand, what seems to be called a laser in what is used in many esthetic salons, it is often “light therapy equipment”, the output is also weak, and it is more than doubled times (medical laser If it is 5 times, I hear that it is often necessary to have more than 10 times on esthetic equipment.
Also, basically hair removal is a medical practice, so if you interpret it by law, depilation with esthetics will be illegal if there is no supervisor of the doctor there in Japan.

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Dr. Kure